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How to Get Karlie Kloss Hair, Messy Blonde Bangs & Oversized Sweater in Roblox

How to Get Karlie Kloss Hair, Messy Blonde Bangs & Oversized Sweater in Roblox

Fashion Klossette is a new Roblox experience where players get to design and dress up their own virtual fashion models. Choose from a variety of clothing and body options to create your dream look, and show the world how stunning you are!

To celebrate Fashion Klossette entering open beta, players can obtain three cosmetic items for their Roblox avatars by completing special events. Here is how to get Karlie Kloss Hair, Messy Blonde Bangs, and Oversized Sweater in Roblox.

Getting the Karlie Kloss Hair, Messy Blonde Bangs, and Oversized Sweater in Roblox

There are three free items to earn during Fashion Klossette’s beta event, and each one requires you to fulfill different objectives. Here is everything you need to know, starting with the Oversized Sweater.

How to get the White Klossette Oversized Sweater

Let’s get started by launching the Fashion Klossette experience in Roblox. Watch the intro video if you like, then be sure to hit the OK button when the game asks for access to your avatar’s items, otherwise you will not be able to claim the three cosmetic items.

After a brief explanation of the in-game interface, the game reveals how to get the first item, the White Klossette Oversized Sweater. You have to publish your first “Look,” which is basically a customized outfit and scene you create.

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To create a new Look, tap on the CREATE button. The game asks you if you want to create a new Look, so hit the YES button. You can publish a Look once you customize a scene and avatar outfit.

The Look creation process is pretty straightforward, and your progress is indicated by the four boxes at the top of the screen. When the first three pink boxes have a green checkmark in them, you are ready to publish a look.

You do not really have to customize too much if you are in a hurry. You can just make tiny little changes in your avatar, and that will count towards the Look progress.

All you have to do now is tap on the green button, then tap on the PUBLISH button to publish your customized Look. You automatically receive the White Klossette Oversized Sweater once you are done publishing your Look.

How to get the Karlie Kloss Hair

Onto the next item, which is the Karlie Kloss Hair. Getting this item is not hard but a little time-consuming, as you must get at least five people to follow you.

Join a Fashion Klossette public server that has lots of people in it. At the very beginning, you should see a large crowd of people. You can tap on a player to bring up with profile, and you can follow them by hitting the big FOLLOW button.

We did this a couple of times, and we actually got people to follow us back. You can try this, and you can also just ask people. There are usually a bunch of people trying to get follows, so just ask around and you should have no issues. The Karlie Kloss Hair is added into your avatar items as soon as you get your fifth follower.

How to get the Messy Blonde Bangs – Klossette

Let’s get the final free cosmetic item, the Messy Blonde Bangs Klossette. To get the Messy Blonde Bangs, you must complete all twelve tutorial quests.

You can check your progress at any time by tapping on the SHARE button, then tap on the quest tab, which is the little scroll and feather pen icon.

You should already have around four tutorial quests completed since you published your first Look for the Oversized Sweater. The remaining quests are pretty easy, as they make you do things you will do naturally as you play Fashion Klossette, including:

  • Use the world map to teleport to a user or gallery.
  • Visit the store.
  • Like a Look on the Runway.
  • Customize an accessory using either the Avatar Customizer or Stylist Station.
  • Start a co-op studio session.
  • Visit the Gallery and like a Look.

Complete all twelve quests and the Messy Blond Bangs are yours. With that, you now have all three free avatar items from Fashion Klossette. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Karlie Kloss Hair, Messy Blonde Bangs & Oversized Sweater in Roblox


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