How to Get Jet in Hero Wars

How to Get Jet in Hero Wars

Hero Wars is a big mobile RPG with lots of heroes to collect. Jet is a charming goblin with lots of skill related to his acid gun. The character is quite popular within the game’s community, and many players are interested in getting this hero into their collections. If you are one of these players, we are going to help you. This guide will tell you how to get Jet into your collection in Hero Wars.

How to Obtain Jet in Hero Wars

Jet in Hero Wars is a character that can be obtained in a unique way. In order to add this character into your collection, you will need to get a certain amount of his Soul Stones. You are able to buy these in the Soul Shop, which you can find in the game’s main menu.

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Jet is a good support character who provides your team with healing and different buffs. However, he is not so easy to obtain, as the Soul Shop requires you to pay with Soul Coins. This currency is quite difficult to get, so it may take a decent amount of time to buy enough Jet Soul Stones to be able to get him into your collection. Still, there’s always a possibility that the developers may add a new way to obtain this character, like some kind of a chest that may give you his Soul Stones.

How to Get Soul Coins in Hero Wars

Soul Coins in Hero Wars is a special currency you need to use to pay for different things in the Soul Shop. In order to obtain these, you will need to trade some of your Souls Stones. The game will ask you to convert the eligible Soul Stones when you open the Soul Shop.

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How to Get Jet in Hero Wars


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