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Best Way to Spend Energy in Hero Wars

Best Way to Spend Energy in Hero Wars
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So, you are dealing with a campaign hero in Hero Wars and don’t know the best choice for spending your energy. Perhaps you do not know whether it is worth spending the power to collect soul stones. Or you are unsure whether it is better to spend energy on the items promoting your hero’s color hidden under the Promote tab in the Skills workshop. In this article, we help you understand the topic. Let’s start!

​What Are the Stats in Hero Wars?

Every one strength gives you 40 points of health. Every one intelligence gives you three magic attacks and three magic defenses. Every one point of agility gives you one point of armor and two physical attacks. The difference comes down to the primary hero stat. Whatever the stat is, you gain one bonus point of physical attack. If your primary stat is intelligence, you earn one point of intelligence and one additional point of physical attack. If your primary stat is agility and you gain one agility, you get one more physical attack on top of the two you already get for that agility. The same goes for strength.

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​Hero Wars: How to Spend Your Energy Efficiently

To evolve heroes (to promote their star level from 1 to 6), you need to collect hero soul stones, and you get campaign hero soul stones from the campaign missions. One more important point is promoting your color level. To promote your hero, you need to collect items. So, you need to collect all 6 of them; you need to build all six of them to promote a stir to a higher level. So, the higher levels you get in the color ranking, the more items you will need to build these items and promote these heroes.

Let’s talk about the Enchanted Lute. There are four locations in the campaign to get access to this Enchanted Lute. So, this is the essence of the question: whether it is better to spend energy on collecting Hero soul stones or equipment? When you evolve your hero and get some items, you will see that you have got health and magic defense. Different items will provide you with different things. Just click on the individual item, and it will show you which stats gives you what. Let us give you an example: if Astaroth is 72 and we were to evolve him to violet would gain one to three strengths per level, we’re talking 72 to 216 strength. If you take 216 and multiply that by 40 (this is how much health you get), you get 8000 health! If you promote this hero by collecting these items, you can see you only can get 800 health and 80 magic defense.

The big argument for promoting the color level is that instead of getting more stars for your hero, Glyphs. You have five Glyphs for each hero, and you cannot get access to the 4th and 5th glyph unless you get two violet plus one and violet plus two. So, it would be best to consider whether getting access to these additional Glyphs outweigh getting more strength, intelligence, and agility for Astaroth. Usually, it depends on multiple factors.

The most important reason why you want to promote the color level of your hero is your skills. You will not get access to them unless you get promoted to that color level. So, you need to think about your got-away access to skill versus the access to higher health or higher armor or magic attack.

Is it better to spend energy on collecting Hero soul stones or equipment? So, to sum everything up, both aspects are easy to get when you are new to this game. But they both slow down, evolving that hero up to six stars, getting your color promotions leveled up. There is no point when you should stop focusing on one aspect and only focus on some others (except for the moments when your character gets the absolute star). Everyone should get to violet as quickly as possible (especially getting to violet +2), as well as having those additional Glyphs leveled up for the most part. It is going to be a significant impact on your hero. The soul stones will come. So, we recommend doing three to six to nine hero missions that you are trying to level up and spend the rest of your energy promoting a different hero.

So, now you know where to spend your energy in Hero Wars. Enjoy playing the game!

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Best Way to Spend Energy in Hero Wars


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