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Hero Wars Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Hero Wars Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

If you want to learn a thing or two about Hero Wars, in this article you will find all the best Hero Wars tips and cheats to help you get stronger in the game. So, follow up and get ready to become the most powerful warrior!

You’ll learn how to assemble a proper team, how to boost your heroes, and much more. So let’s not waste another second and dive right into our Hero Wars strategy guide!

Focus on the Daily Quests 

If you want to gather lots of gold, experience, and emeralds, then make sure you always do your daily quests. I strongly suggest going for even the more difficult ones, even if they are a little bit more time-consuming. The rewards you get will vary, giving you anything from EXP (which is amazing, especially during the early levels), to gold and caskets. Depending on the quest, you can also get Emeralds, which can be used to buy chests containing heroes.

Also, don’t forget about the great daily rewards you get from simply logging in to the game. Even if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time playing the game during that particular day, just log in and collect the daily rewards. They will come in handy later when you’ll spend more time playing.

Low on Gold? Try Emerald Exchange

A really useful option that sometimes you’ll have to do for daily missions is to exchange in-game Emeralds for in-game gold. You can do this a total of 20 times per day, which will give you more than enough Gold. However, I am not a big fan of it because I prefer to spend the Emeralds elsewhere.

Additionally, if you ever run low on gold and you need a quick way to acquire some more, head on to the Exchange Shop and try your luck with the spinning wheel. You can receive anywhere from 1x the amount of gold shown on the wheel, to 100x the amount. The next time you find yourself in a stump unable to upgrade because of a lack of gold, do this little trick.   

Collect More Energy

if you love questing and adventuring in various dungeons, you might end up running out of energy before you notice. The energy will replenish over time, but if you don’t want to wait, you can quickly replenish the energy for free, by watching a short ad.

Also, if you have some extra Emeralds that you don’t particularly need, you can buy energy with Emeralds. However, I suggest you don’t do this because you can find a much better use of your Emeralds than this.

My suggestion would be to carefully plan ahead how you plan to spend your energy and ideally try to use it all up before closing the game for longer periods of time.

Gather More Heroes and Get Stronger

There are a few ways for you to get more powerful, and one of them is getting stronger heroes. The heroes you get at the start aren’t that amazing, so it’s best if you progress through the Campaign as soon as possible to gather all the rewarded heroes, as well as the ones you might get as loot.

You can get Hero Soul Stones as loot from every stage, and to get the ones you want, you can check the quest overview. You can keep re-doing the stage with a particular hero you like again and again until you gathered enough to summon that hero. Then, farm that stage additional times to upgrade the hero.

Another way to get some powerful heroes is from the chests. You can get one chest for 200 Emeralds, but the best option is to save 1500 Emeralds and open 10. By doing this, you will save 500 Emeralds that you can later use to purchase additional chests.

Also, don’t forget about the time-limited events that could run through the game at times, which will reward you with heroes along with other special items.

Assemble a Powerful Team

In order to get stronger, you should assemble a team made of some good heroes. Each hero has a special affinity, so you can decide between the skills each of them specializes in.

Warriors are the ones who are quite versatile and can be either a tank or a damage dealer. Usually, they have both tankiness and damage, so it all depends on the rest of your team comp. They can go front line or midline.

Tanks are, as the name suggests, the ones who are built to endure a few hits. You should always have a good front line of tanks because they will mitigate tons of damage directed your way.

Marksmen specialize in ranged attacks and they do tons of damage from the backline. If you place them in front, they will die in a few seconds because they aren’t built to take hits, so make sure you avoid placing them in the front.

Mages are the equivalent of marksmen, but specializing in magic damage. They also reside in the backline, since they are squishy and will die in just a couple of hits from the enemy team.

Support heroes are the ones who keep everyone alive and safe, providing buffs, heals, shields, and whatnot. They make the front line tankier and the backline stronger in terms of damage.

Control heroes are a little weird, as they provide debuffs and are mostly really strong in boss battles or Arena. For the normal Campaign, you won’t really need a control character (maybe just for bosses).

My suggestion here would be to go for a good tank, a warrior, and mages or marksmen. They will provide everything you need for progressing quickly and easily through the levels, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Upgrade the Right Heroes First

Since you can’t (and shouldn’t) upgrade all the heroes at once, you should shift all of your attention towards the strongest heroes. If you upgrade the heroes one by one, you’ll have a better chance of progressing constantly, with a minimum of investment (because later you can invest more resources into better heroes).

The best heroes to upgrade at the beginning are Astaroth and Galahad, with Arachne, Ginger, and Thea. However, don’t over-invest in Arachne and Ginger because they won’t be that great for the end-game. They are mostly for the early-game and mid-game when you don’t yet have better heroes.

Which are the best heroes in Hero Wars?

Some of the heroes you can easily invest your resources in, without worrying that they will fall off in the late game are:

Tanks: Aurora, Astaroth, Cleaver, Galahad, Luther
Support: Andvari, Jorgen, Nebula, Sebastian
Healer: Celeste, Dorian, Martha, Thea
Physical DPS: Jhu, K’arhk, Keira
Magic DPS: Faceless, Helios, Krista, Lars, Orion

You always want to have one monster on your team, so try to add Jhu, K’arhk, Keira, Lars, Krista, or Faceless to your team as soon as you get them because a Monster will get additional powerful stats and give the rest of your team extra stats.

Which are the worst heroes to invest in?

The heroes below are some of the worst you could spend your resources on, so try to avoid them at any cost – they might seem strong and worthy, but in reality, they won’t get you far.

– Artemis
– Markus
– Lian
– Chabba
– Lilith
– Judge
– Fox
– Mojo
– Heidi
– Daredevil
– Phobos
– Dark Star
– Dante
– Astrid and Lucas

To Tap or Not to Tap

At some point early on, you will unlock the Auto button. This can be either a great thing (well, it IS a great thing) or a major drawback, depending on how you use it. As you enter a fight, the heroes will start fighting on their own. If you tap the Auto, they will also use skills by themselves, but you might not always want them to do so.

In my opinion, it’s best to keep an eye on the battles, especially vs bosses, and at higher level quests. The auto option uses skills as they become available, which is bad if the heroes use their best skills vs a 10% hp monster instead of a powerful boss. So, that’s why I don’t swear by that option. Instead, I always fight the bosses manually to have better control of the situation.

Join a Guild

If you have a couple of friends that you play with, you might want to create a guild and join there for some extra perks. Even if you play by yourself, a guild is extremely good. You can join your first guild once you reach level 30, but I strongly suggest you don’t do it right away.

Instead, take your time and explore all the available guilds and what they have to offer. The best situation would be to find a very active guild, where you can actively interact with other players.

Want Some Free Emeralds? 

*The easy answer would be Yup, we all do.

This little Hero Wars trick will let you gain thousands of Emeralds in relatively no time. Once you go to the Emerald tab, you should take a look at the free offers available. They will usually ask you to play another game or so, and normally the reward can go well over 2000 Emeralds.

So if you’re in dire need of a few emeralds, head on to the free offers and complete a few of these offers.

Go Watch a “Movie”

Well, not quite literally.

You can head on to the Theater and there you can check the available offers, where the currency is Tickets. After watching an ad, you will be rewarded with one such Ticket. You can receive up to 8 tickets a day (for watching 8 ads), every single day.

I suggest that you spend them on Gold or Emeralds since these are the most valuable items you could get. As for the rest of the options, I don’t really find them that useful.

Add More Friends, Get Better Rewards

Always make sure you add as many people as you can because at the end of the day you will gain better rewards, the more friends you have. Additionally, you will be able to send daily gifts to the people in your friends’ list, just as they will send to you.

So the more friends you gather, the more rewards you will receive. Don’t forget to do this daily, because the rewards will stack up – so, even if you don’t plan on playing too much during a particular day, you can simply log in and send your daily gifts out to your friends list.

Skins Are Awesome – Get Them Now!

If you’re bored with the way your characters look by default, you can opt for some amazing skins! They will change the look of your hero, and also grant them some bonus stats. They can be bought with Skin Stones, which aren’t easy to obtain but are well worth it.

You can obtain Skin Stones from Outland Chests, from the Outland. It’s going to take you quite some time, and you should focus on the skins for the heroes you use most frequently.

These are all the Hero Wars tips and tricks we have for now. Do you know anything else that we haven’t mentioned and is cool and worth noting? Let us know all your additional tips down in the comments section below!

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Hero Wars Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More


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