How to Get into Wizard Tower in Stardew Valley

standing in front of the wizard tower in stardew valley

The Wizard is one of the most interesting characters you will meet in Pelican Town. He lives in a tower outside of town where he practices magic and seems to know about the creatures of the valley. At first, he comes off as a gruff old man, but when you to get you know him, you’ll see there’s more to him than you expect. In fact, he’s linked to the main story of the game. However, you can’t enter his tower without permission at first, as Rasmodius is not the welcoming strangers inside type. This is how to get into the Wizard Tower in Stardew Valley.

How To Get A Letter From Rasmodius

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Standing inside the Wizard Tower in Stardew Valley.
  • So, when you start your game and you try to go to the Wizard Tower, you find that it is locked and Rasmodius will not let you in. This is because you need to get a letter in the mail from him inviting you over to his home. To trigger this, you need to go inside the ruins of the Community Center, which is the run-down building above town with a clock on top.
  • Inside, there will be mysterious critters that flee upon seeing you. These are called the Junimos and they are forest spirits who have moved inside the ruins. They are very crucial to the restoration of this building, as filling their bundles will cause them to fix parts of the building. Before leaving, look at the scroll inside the Crafts room.

Benefits Of The Wizards Tower

  • The day after you do this, you will get the letter from Rasmodius asking you to come to his home. He will show you what a Junimo is and grant you the ability to read their language so that you can look at the requirements for the bundles. After this, you can come back to the Tower as you please. It is unlocked from 6 am to 11 pm and when you get four friendship hearts with Rasmodius, you’ll unlock the basement room in the Tower.

Follow these steps and you will have no issue opening the Wizard’s Tower! For more Stardew Valley tips and secrets, follow Touch Tap Play’s coverage!

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How to Get into Wizard Tower in Stardew Valley


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