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How To Get Inside Morrow’s Sanatorium In Remnant 2

How To Get Inside Morrow’s Sanatorium In Remnant 2
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The Morrow’s Sanatorium is one the key locations in the Losomn biome in Remnant 2, where players learn about the Nightweaver world boss, which, as you progress, eventually turns into an arena where you fight the said boss in a two-phase battle. 

When you arrive in Losomn biome for the first time at Morrow’s Parish, you will find the main entrance to Morrow’s Sanatorium locked and no details, waypoint, or markers that leads you inside the building or the complex. 

So to help you, we are here with a handy guide that explains how you can get inside the Morrow’s Sanatorium in Remnant 2

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How To Get Inside Morrow’s Sanatorium In Remnant 2

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To get inside the Morrow’s Sanatorium, ensure you have spawned at the Morrow Parish area when you get to the Losomn biome. If you spawn at the Palace or any other locations, you may have to reroll the Losomn world in Adventure mode to access it via the below method. 

That said, Morrow’s Sanatorium is the final area in the Losomn biome where you learn the most about the Nightweaver world boss. You can enter it using a broken wall that you can get to via The Great Sewers Dungeon. 

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First, when you arrive at Morrow Parish upon entering Losomn, keep progressing until you enter The Great Sewers dungeon. Once you clear it, the path will lead you to the Hewdas Clock area. Keep following the main trail and then take a right and keep moving until you reach the broken wall. 

Here is a map screenshot that shares the exact location of the broken wall:

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Remember, you may get a completely different map layout as the world in Remnant 2 is procedurally generated. If your map is not similar to ours, you must first clear the dungeons in the Morrow Parish area to enter the second overworld. 

Once you do that, open the map and look, and you may find the Morrow Sanatorium Checkpoint Stone and the unexplored Tormented Asylum dungeon gate with a white diamond-like icon. Use them as a reference to reach the broken wall. When you arrive, vault over it, and you will find yourself inside the Morrow’s Sanatorium, in its backyard. 

That concludes our guide on how to get inside Morrow’s Sanatorium in Remnant 2. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Remnant 2 section

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How To Get Inside Morrow’s Sanatorium In Remnant 2