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Can You Disable Friendly Fire In Remnant 2?

This guide answers whether there is an option to disable friendly fire in Remnant 2 or not.

When you start playing co-op in Remnant 2, you will soon notice that shooting your team member inflicts damage to them just as it does to an enemy, affecting the gameplay to the extent that many players are afraid to fire their weapon when their plus-one is in the line of fire. 

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To help players, we are here with a handy guide discussing whether you can turn off friendly fire in Remnant 2 while sharing a few additional details. 

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Can You Disable Friendly Fire In Remnant 2?

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play

The short answer is no! When writing this article, the game has no direct options or feature that allows you to turn off friendly fire. 

Since the game is meant to be played in co-op mode, to make it challenging, it features a permanent friendly fire that forces players to have more coordination while tackling the different worlds and dungeons. As if you jump into the line of fire of your co-op partner, you will be dead in no time.  

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Certain Traits and Relic Shards in the game can help you mitigate the friendly fire in Remnant 2. For example, if you start with the Handler Archetype, you can get access to his unique Trait, the Kinship, which you can level up to reduce Friendly Fire by:

  • Level 1: -8% Damage Reduction
  • Level 2: -16% Damage Reduction
  • Level 3: -24% Damage Reduction
  • Level 4: -32% Damage Reduction
  • Level 5: -40% Damage Reduction
  • Level 6: -48% Damage Reduction
  • Level 7: -56% Damage Reduction
  • Level 8: -64% Damage Reduction
  • Level 9: -72% Damage Reduction
  • Level 10: -80% Damage Reduction

Besides that, holding your aim, using AoE attacks, Relic Shards, and other such things can help you with the Friendly Fire issue. That said, we recommend not keeping your game session as “Public,” as during our playthrough, there were cases when random players joined and started shooting. 

That concludes our guide on you can disable friendly fire in Remnant 2. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Remnant 2 section

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Can You Disable Friendly Fire In Remnant 2?