How to Get Insect Eggs in the Ants Underground Kingdom

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Everyone who plays The Ants Underground Kingdom knows that you need to have different kinds of resources for this game, and one of the ways to get them is to get Insect eggs. Today we will tell you how to do this! But before that, we will notify you of some information about these eggs. Insect eggs can be hatched for many resources (it takes approximately 14 hours to hatch, although this time can be shortened depending on sufficient evolution and levels of insect nests). If you want to use these eggs after getting them, the queen needs to reach level 16. Have you already achieved this? Great! Then you are ready to know information about how to get insect eggs. We can help you with this; keep reading!

Getting Insect Eggs in the Ants Underground Kingdom

You have only one way to get insect eggs in The Ants Underground Kingdom game, when your queen has reached level 16, you will be able to do it as a general drop from all insects, except for those creatures you still need to rally.

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By the way, you can obtain these eggs before you reach 16 levels. The only possible way to do it is to damage the groundhog or via special events.

So, in this guide, you have been notified by us about how to get insect eggs in the game called The Ants Underground Kingdom.

Have a good time playing!

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How to Get Insect Eggs in the Ants Underground Kingdom


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