How to Get Icicle Spear in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is starting the new year with a Community Day! January 16th 2022 will bring the Pokemon Go Spheal Community Day 2022, including a shiny Spheal and a new move for Spheal’s final evolution Walrein, and 3 X Catch EXP. Find out more below!

All About Walrein in Pokemon Go

Walrein is an Ice/Water type Pokemon who evolves from Spheal. Their Fast Attacks are Waterfall, Frost Breath, and Powder Snow, and their Charged Attacks are Blizzard, Earthqauke, Water Pulse, and the brand new Icicle Spear.

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Spheal (via Pokemon Company)

Icicle Spear is not yet released as it is due with the Spheal Community Day update in January 16th 2022, but the stats released for it are underwhelming. The base in both Raids and PvP is 60, suggesting it has 33-35 energy cost in Raids and 35 in PvP. This makes it a middling-powered move and perhaps not really one to be overly excited about.

To obtain the new move players must evolve Spheal into Sealeo, and then evolve Sealeo into Walrein. This must be done during the Spheal Community Day on January 16th 2022, giving Walrein exclusive Community Day moves of Icicle Spear and Powder Snow.

walrein pokemon go
Walrein (via Pokemon Company)

The Community Day will run between 11am and 5pm local time, but evolutions during 2 hours after the end of Community Day will also count and give Walrein the exclusive moves. Unfortunately Shadow Walrein with Frustration will not get Icicle Spear as a move.

It looks like Walrein will be a good Pokemon to use in Raids and PvP, strong enough to be a contender, but certainly not overpowered.

Tell in the comments below what you think of Walrein, and the new moves coming during the Spheal Community Day 2022. Will you be adding this Ice/Water type Pokemon to your team? Are you excited about the upcoming Community Day on January 16th? Let us know!

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How to Get Icicle Spear in Pokemon Go


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