How to Get Iced Strawberry Soda Cooking Recipe in Tower of Fantasy


One of the best things in Tower of Fantasy is the food system. There is a lot of food that you can craft and eat. However, to make most food, you need to have cooking recipes. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get the Iced Strawberry Soda cooking recipe in Tower of Fantasy. So, no time to lose; let’s get started!

Getting Iced Strawberry Soda Cooking Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Generally, there are only 2 ways to get food in Tower of Fantasy. The first one is harder, and it is by completing quests. However, you must complete special side quests, not the ordinary questline. 

Moreover, using this way, you will get interesting cooking recipes, EXP, and other resources. And as finishing most quests will take you up to 10 minutes, you need to have some free time to complete side quests.

So, if you have no time, there is a cooking machine where you can craft cooking recipes. And here, you can get an Iced Strawberry Soda cooking recipe. You only need to find this machine and navigate the creation menu, and here you will see all ingredients in the inventory.

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To make an Iced Strawberry Soda cooking recipe, you need to use 2x Honey, 2x Strawberries, and 11x Bottles of Water. This recipe has a 100% chance, and therefore, you will easily make it even from the first try. And if you have no strawberries, go to the north forest, which is located near Navia. Here you will find a lot of strawberries.

In conclusion, there is nothing complicated about getting an Iced Strawberry Soda cooking recipe. All you need is just a few minutes. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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How to Get Iced Strawberry Soda Cooking Recipe in Tower of Fantasy


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