How to Get Heirlooms in The Sims Mobile

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In the Sims Mobile, players can get heirlooms whenever a Sim retires. Sims age naturally in the game as they perform actions, gain skills and complete various events in the game.

Sims usually retire when they reach level 16. Once this happens, they will leave behind heirlooms which you can use to get new traits, career levels and hobbies in the game.

So in this article we’ll be giving you a guide to heirlooms types and how to easily collect them in The Sims Mobile.


There are three types of heirlooms that players can collect in The Sims Mobile such as common heirlooms, uncommon heirlooms and rare heirlooms. A heirloom’s rarity is determined by the Lifetime Happiness Bar of each Sim. This bar can be filled up by achieving several goals in the game.

So before a Sim retires, you’ll get an on-screen prompt that will give you the option of accepting or declining it. You you choose to accept it, you’ll be given a heirloom. You can also get heirlooms by purchasing them in the store or selling duplicates in exchange for heirloom tickets.


Retired Sims usually hang around for a while but you’ll not be able to control them as playable characters. However, these retired Sims can also mentor your other Sims and grant them hobby and career XP.

That’s it from us on how to get heirlooms in The Sims Mobile. We hope the article has been helpful to you. Happy Gaming!

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How to Get Heirlooms in The Sims Mobile


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