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How to Get Halo in Roblox Tower of Hell | Tips & Guide

Find out how you can unlock every halo in Tower of Hell.

If you are going to attempt challenges in Tower of Hell, why not do it with a little fashion? Here’s how you can get all halos in Roblox Tower of Hell.

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Tower of Hell is one of the most popular experiences on Roblox. It is a challenging obby game where your goal is to reach the top of various towers by making parkour jumps, but there’s a twist. There are no checkpoints, meaning you lose all of your progress after falling down.

Roblox Tower of Hell: How to Unlock Every Halo

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Halos are cosmetic items available in Tower of Hell, which hover over your character’s head. As of now, there are four obtainable halos in Tower of Hell: Blue, Pink, Purple, and Teal. Let’s go over each of them one by one:

How to Get Blue Halo in Tower of Hell

Blue halo is the only halo obtainable by spending money in Roblox Tower of Hell. However, it still involves RNG and, thus, isn’t guaranteed. You can obtain the Blue Halo as a legendary drop from the Effects box in the shop. There is only a meager 2% chance of getting the Blue Halo from an Effects box costing 25 Robux. The Blue Halo is the only halo that requires no grinding to unlock.

How to Get Pink Halo in Tower of Hell

To unlock the Pink halo, you will have to work hard to obtain the Maxed badge. It is acquired after maxing out your skill tree, which can be accomplished upon reaching level 80. Reaching this level will provide you with enough skill points to fully max out the tree. Once you have achieved this, you will be rewarded with the Pink Halo and the Maxed badge.

How to Get Purple Halo in Tower of Hell

Purple halo is a reward for unlocking every badge available in Tower of Hell. This is the hardest halo to get, as there are seven badges in this game. Below is a list of all badges and conditions required to acquire them:

  • Newbie: Complete the noob tower
  • Pro: Complete the pro tower
  • Mutated: Buy all mutators using coins
  • Secret: Visit a secret location
  • Maxed: Max out the skill tree
  • Collector: Unlock all effects from the shop
  • Explorer: Complete all sections

How to Get Teal Halo in Tower of Hell

Teal Halo is the final one on our list. To snag it, grab the Collector badge in Tower of Hell by unlocking all effects from coin boxes. It might take a while, though, as there are 52 effects in total, including 6 legendary ones with a 2% drop chance, making it a bit of a challenge.

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How to Get Halo in Roblox Tower of Hell | Tips & Guide