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15 Best Roblox Games for Adults

Everyone knows Roblox: the ultimate hub for players looking for games made by other gamers, all on one platform. And today, we’re going to give you the best Roblox games for adults. Keep reading!

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Whether you belong to the Oldies generation, X or Y, newcomer crew Z has given us “old timers” a homework assignment! This article will suggest the 15 most popular Roblox games to you, old-timers (read parents), so you can jump into the ring with your kids and show them who’s boss in the yard!

In The Roblox, there are plenty of different genres, including intense mystery games, relaxing tycoons, or even tricky parkour levels that will test the limits of your dexterity and finesse. Continue reading to learn about some of our favorite Roblox games for adults you can play right now!

1. On Tap 17+

Image via Diepolder Club

On Tap 17+ has everything you’re looking for! Drinks on tap, an outdoor patio, campfires, socializing, BRAWLING, and stages! Please drink responsibly and make wise decisions.

Note* 17+ Experiences are not accessible in Saudi Arabia, Korea, or Turkey.

2. The Bar 17+

Image via Tokyo Interactive Lite

Welcome to The Bar 17+! Take a chair n’ grab a beverage! It is a fun social hangout for friends to talk, crack jokes, and enjoy excellent drinks.

3. Dystovia

Image via Dystovia Team

Dystovia is a Multiplayer Action Adventure MMORPG game about skilful combat against different creatures that test the limits of your swordsmanship. In this game, you can venture into the Huge Open World to find Secrets, Expansive locations, and Captivating objectives, ultimately carving out your path in this Fantasy World.

4. Neighbors 17+

Image via West Corner

Neighbors 17+ is a social hangout game with many different worlds to chat & play in! Have you met anyone exciting or maybe… crazy?

5. SAW X: Survive the Obby

Image via SAW X [Official]

“Hello, do you want to play a game?”

SAW X: Survive the Obby – Presented by Six Flags Fright Fest, Twisted Pictures, and Lionsgate.

Enter Jigsaw’s obstacle course hosted by BILLY THE PUPPET. Solve the twisted puzzles, survive to the very end, and have the chance to be rewarded, or… it’s game over.

Every section of the Obby will feature new challenges as you navigate the SAW X dial of terror. Overcome inevitable deaths by following the rules and solving the puzzles. Do you think you can survive?

6. Prison Life

Image via @Aesthetical

Ever wondered what life is like behind prison walls? Try Roblox Prison Life.

You can find out in this RPG adventure, where you choose to either be a hardened criminal living out their sentence or a guard who just wants to do their job and make it through the day. Work to escape the prison with other inmates or defend it alongside fellow guards. This is another Roblox classic that is still popular since it always stays young. Who doesn’t love the thrill you get from outplaying the guards or shutting down a prisoner’s escape plot?

7. Murder Mystery 2

Image via Roblox Corporation

Murder Mystery 2 is a flagship game that has had a massive following on Roblox since its inception in 2014. At the time of writing, the game has an impressive 90,000 players online, all on servers of just 12 people. There are three different roles in this game, but two teams. The first team comprises only the Murderer, who tries to eliminate everyone else in the lobby while staying undetected.

The other team has two different roles: the Sheriff and the Innocents. If you are randomly chosen as the Sheriff, you must find the Murderer and take them out before they finish the whole server. As an Innocent, try to figure out who the Murderer is so your team can work to bring them down before they get to you! Watch your back, and trust no one!

8. Total Roblox Drama

Image via Mojo’s Games

Pay attention: Total Roblox Drama! Play anonymously while Kyle (the host) puts you through different challenges. You’ll need to make friends, utilize your skills & create alliances to survive and win the grand prize. Do you have what it takes to be the winner of… Roblox Drama?!?

9. Hide and Seek Extreme

Image via @Tim7775

As a kid, Hide & Seek was an entertaining game. All of us would hide in different places, and one person would come and find us. Well, you can relive those days in this Roblox Game, Hide and Seek Extreme. It’s the classic game with the same rules but with a twist. The Seeker gains special abilities every so often. This makes the game a bit more high stakes if you involve penalties like from Party Games.

10. Berry Avenue

Image via Amberry Games

Looking for a game that can help you relax? Or do you want to hang out with your friends in a stress-free environment? No matter what, Berry Avenue is the place for you! Enrol in Berry Avenue’s high school, find work with stores, join the police force, and even treat patients visiting the hospital! You can do almost anything in this beautiful utopia, and the server size of 30 players allows plenty of gamers to join in on the fun! Although on the newer side, Berry Avenue has quickly become a place for Roblox gamers of all stripes to unwind and chill.

11. Natural Disaster Survival

Image via @Stickmasterluke

When you read Natural Disaster Survival, you are right! This is a Roblox Survival Game where you question yourself: Have you ever wondered how you would do in a natural disaster? Now, you can find out and put your survival skills to the test! As the game’s description says, “Run around in circles! Your life depends on it!”.

Dodge flaming lava from an erupting volcano, run from ravaging tornadoes and earthquakes, and look for high ground as tsunamis sweep you and your friends away! There are many unique and challenging maps that you can play on, which means the game stays fresh for a long time as you deal with disasters in different environments! Good luck out there and keep an eye on the sky!

12. Anime Fighters Simulator

Image via Sulley

Anime Fighters Simulator is an anime game that we believe is one of Roblox’s best in 2023. This game allows you to explore a world of treasures and riches as you train your character. Collect resources and unlock all of the unique personalities available in this RPG adventure. Why do we recommend this title? We’re convinced that the combat animations are highly fluid, and the graphics in Anime Fighters Simulator are a huge reason it beats out all of the competition in the genre.

13. Driving Empire

Image via Driving Empire by Voldex

Older generations don’t just like oldtimers. These people also like modern buzzers, especially if they are strummed by a midlife crisis. That’s why we recommend you step on the pedal with Driving Empire!

Speaking of driving fancy vehicles, this fast-paced racing game has it all! With over 250 cars that you can use to participate in races or simply drive around, Driving Empire has a lot of variety to offer. Race against your friends and grow your car collection with your winnings, then bring them to the many community events to show them off to others!

14. Mega Mansion Tycoon

Image via Wild Atelier

The tycoon genre is a classic on Roblox, with many popular games dating back from its earliest days. However, Mega Mansion Tycoon is a newer addition, providing fresh air to the aging game mode.

With plenty of features that allow you to build a mansion to your heart’s desires, this game is sure to catch the eye of every tycoon lover!

15. Wacky Wizards

Image via Whacky Wizards

Wacky Wizards is a fun and wacky Potion-making game where you brew up some Potions that will give you Magical effects on consumption. These effects can range from flying to self-explosion. Mix and match Potions to make strong ones which will help you complete quests and defeat High-level Bosses. You can also make Wacky Potions to troll your friends and have a great time in Wacky Wizards. Due to the well-designed quests and exciting updates, adults will enjoy this one.

These are our 15 Roblox games for adults. If you are a grown-up and if you like Roblox, be sure to check out our other articles about Roblox games that might interest you.

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15 Best Roblox Games for Adults