How to Get Guzzle Juice in Fortnite

How to Get Guzzle Juice in Fortnite

Have you ever found Guzzle Juice in Fortnite? It is a new consumable item, and right after you drink it all, you will notice that your health will start the gradual process of health restoration up to one hundred, and you will be getting two health per second. Make sure you will not get any damage while healing (except for fall damage), as the process will stop. Moreover, you won’t be able to stay alive in the Storm. So, how to get this fantastic Guzzle Juice in Fortnite? Let us guide you here!

​Where to Locate Guzzle Juice in Fortnite

So, you are in the process of playing Fortnite and want to get guzzle juice. Still, you do not know how to do it, right? Then here is what we recommend you to do:

  • For the first, you should search for it in Coolers.
  • Also, please look in the regular or rare Chests as sometimes guzzle juice can also be located there.
  • The following recommendation is to carefully look under your feet while walking as it can be grabbed from the ground at many places.
  • One more thing we want to admit is that guzzle juice is now among Fortnite’s regular pool of consumable items. Thus, it can be located by the players where they usually find these things. For example, one can spawn from regular and rare Chests, Coolers, Supply Drops.

To conclude, Guzzle Juice is not considered an especially rare-to-find item. Do you want to find it as fast as you can? Just start opening the chests to increase the chances! Have fun!

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How to Get Guzzle Juice in Fortnite


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