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How to Get Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Get Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is an action-packed dungeon crawler set in the famous Minecraft universe. In Minecraft Dungeons, players become heroes and try to save the world by defeating the evil Arch-illager, his underlings, and several dangerous monsters. Players can discover various weapons, armor sets, and enchantments to help defeat mobs. A decent armor like Grim Armor becomes necessary when facing higher-level monsters. This article will help you get Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Obtain Grim Armor Set in Minecraft Dungeons

Grim Armor Minecraft Dungeons

Grim Armor is one of the most popular armor sets in Minecraft Dungeons. It is an attractive armor with pretty useful abilities. The description of Grim Armor says:

Grim Armor invokes a sense of dread for the one who wears it and to those who face it in battle.

There are various ways to get Grim Armor set in Minecraft Dungeons. Grim Armor is available in the drop table of multiple locations. Players have a chance to obtain Grim Armor from chests, mobs, and bosses, in the following locations:

  • Cacti Canyon (Daily Trials only)
  • Desert Temple
  • Lower Temple
  • Obsidian Pinnacle

Players can also get Grim Armor by trading with Mystery Merchant, Piglin Merchant, and Village Merchant in Minecraft Dungeons. However, trading isn’t a reliable way to get Grim Armor. Players are suggested to farm for Grim Armor at the locations mentioned above.

While farming for the Grim Armor set, players might get lucky and obtain the unique variant of the Grim Armor set called Wither Armor. This video explains the farming strategy for Grim Armor and Wither Armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Abilities of Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Grim Armor provides a decent chunk of health in Genshin Impact. A Grim Armor set of power 108 can give a minimum of 5685 and a maximum of 5921 health. Grim Armor has two more abilities:

  • 50% souls gathered
  • +6% life steal aura

With Grim Armor, players will get 50% more souls from defeating mobs. Moreover, the life steal aura effect will recover the player’s health whenever they kill monsters. If used properly, Grim Armor can make anybody nearly unkillable in Minecraft Dungeons.

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How to Get Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons


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