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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Play Tower Multiplayer

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Play Tower Multiplayer

One of the most awaited updates in Minecraft Dungeons is the multiplayer towers. Many players worldwide have asked about it for a few months. And now this system is finally released in Minecraft Dungeons. Read this guide, and you will find out how to play Tower multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Play Tower Multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons 

The fact is that speculation about multiplayer Tower in Minecraft Dungeons appeared a year ago. And nowadays, this system is finally released into the game, which is excellent. This game mode is called Fauna Faire, and it is available for all players.

Fauna Faire is the most beautiful location in Minecraft Dungeons. It boasts various cute animals, such as penguins, cats, and raccoons. And if you buy the premium version of Premium Pass, you will receive many more rewards.

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And the main advantage of Fauna Faire is that here you create a team with up to 4 members. So, you can easily invite your friends and have fun playing on the same team. 

But playing on the team has some disadvantages as well. The fact is that you should consider perfect synergy while playing together. Special attention in Fauna Faire is paid to teamwork and cooperation.

Therefore, it would be best to train in Jungle Island and only after start playing in Fauna Faire. Also, you can communicate with your teammates using Discord or TeamSpeak. Be sure; it will significantly improve your in-game experience.

In conclusion, nothing is challenging about playing Tower Multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons. The fact is that developers added Fauna Faire mode, which allows you to gather with friends and play together.

But there is a limitation – only 4 players in the team. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Play Tower Multiplayer


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