How to Get Greatsword in Roblox Verdant Moon

How to Get Greatsword in Roblox Verdant Moon

Verdant Moon is a game that invites Roblox’s bravest gamers to explore the vast online world in search of new adventures, rare items, and weapons. One of the top accessories in this mode is the Greatsword sword, which we will start hunting together with you. This weapon is located in the wilderness, which greatly complicates the process of obtaining it.

Getting Greatsword in Verdant Moon

Important point! Get at least 100 enemy kills in the game before proceeding with the steps below.

Killed hundreds of opponents? Now you need to get to a location called Abyssal Heights. Already there? Great, then proceed to the following steps:

  • On the territory of Abyssal Heights, you will notice a small space that resembles a staircase in shape. Jump up at this point and head to the Silver Forest.
  • Once in the Silver Forest, keep moving forward until you come across a rocky area.
  • Made it to the mountains? Well, now slowly go down until you find a cave. Be careful, there is a chance to stumble upon the enemy. Just kill him and continue the mission.
  • In the cave, you will enter a new area – Undergrowth. Now the map is getting darker, so you’d better find an attribute in the list of items with which you can light the way.
  • In Undergrowth, start walking forward until you reach a ledge.
  • Then carefully cross the ledge on its left side. Direct down. There will be other small ledges that you need to go down.
  • Next, move as carefully as possible along the tiny platforms against the wall.
  • After passing the wall, you will see a woman around the corner, who will give your hero the desired Greatsword sword.

Good luck!

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How to Get Greatsword in Roblox Verdant Moon


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