How to Get Golden Eggs in Wacky Wizards


Just recently, a new Easter update was added to Wacky Wizards. One of the innovations is the hunt for golden eggs, and in this article, we will help you find all the hidden golden eggs.

How to Get Golden Eggs in Wacky Wizards

Golden Eggs are a new in-game item that you will want to find. With the new update, the NPC real bunny has appeared in the game, and if you bring him golden eggs, he will generously reward you with gems.

In total, 5 eggs are hidden in the game, and further, we will tell you where they are:

  • Golden Egg 1: The first egg is next to the rabbit. You need to move away from the rabbit a little and look behind the large green platform.
  • Golden Egg 2: Next, go to the platform to your right, on which there is a cannon. Near this platform, you will find the second gold egg.
  • Golden Egg 3: Head to the railroad tracks. On one of the cacti that are next to the rails, you will find a golden egg.
  • Golden Egg 4: You need to go to the castle and complete the task of the Robot, which is located there. As a reward, you will receive a CastleQuestGem item, thanks to which you will be able to enter the castle. When you enter, you will find a golden egg on a platform in front of an old robot.
  • Golden Egg 5: You need to dive into the lake next to the shipwreck. At the bottom, near the wall, you will find a golden egg.

The Easter event won’t last that long, so now that you’ve learned the locations of the golden eggs, head into the game and collect them all while there’s still time.

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How to Get Golden Eggs in Wacky Wizards


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