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Monster Legends is a widely popular mobile game where players breed, feed, and train Legendary, Epic, and Mythic monsters to battle other monsters. The game features both adventure maps, as well as, real-time multiplayer battles, and a plethora of other things that players can do, once they are logged in. Alike many other mobile games, Monster Legends offers a premium currency called gems.

Gems in Monster Legends share multiple uses like getting more attacks, buying new monsters, speeding up different tasks, and much more. It is one of the most important and rare forms of currency in Monster Legends that every player must have aplenty. And, keeping that in mind, today we are here with our Monster Legends guide that shares few simple ways to get free gems.

Best ways to get free gems in Monster Legends – Android and iOS

Here are some of the best ways to get free gems in Monster Legends.

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1.) Linking Social Accounts

In Monster Legends, linking social accounts like Facebook rewards players with fifty gems and a Komocat. It may be one time, though it is the easiest way to get decent gems.

2.) Watching Ads

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Watching ads is yet another simple way to get free gems in Monster Legends, as players can get around five gems per video they watch.

3.) Cleaning up rubble and fallen meteorites

Cleaning up rubble and fallen meteorites is a great way to get free rewards like gems, gold or food in Monster Legends. Depending on what you are cleaning it takes up to five or ten minutes.

4.) Roulette

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Monster Legends players can try their luck with the in-game Roulette to get either one or five gems depending on the spin and outcome.

5.) Adventure Map

Adventure map in Monster Legends serves major two purpose when it comes to getting free gems in the game. Players can get gems as free rewards when they complete a node in the adventure map, and if they get two or perfect star score, they get a free Roulette spin.

So one way or the other you have a decent chance to get free gems in Monster Legends using Adventure map.

6.) Dungeons

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Dungeons are one of the best if not the best way to get free gems in Monster Legends as players can get gems as direct rewards for completing a dungeon.

7.) Be good at Multiplayer

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If you are some of the best players of Monster Legends, you get free gems as reward. So, improve your talent, get a better rank in league to get a large number of free gems.

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