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Monster Legends Guide: Tips & Cheats: Destroy, Breed, and Repeat

Monster Legends Guide: Tips & Cheats: Destroy, Breed, and Repeat
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Social Point’s Monster Legends is a fun foray into a turn-based battle system and a Pokémon-style farm simulation. The game is bursting with creativity, using an older more traditional style, while adding new ideas to the mix. And today you’ll learn to play the game better thanks to our Monster Legends tips and tricks.

Players are tasked with raising the animals, getting ready to fight, and bundling an even bigger and better world. Finding the best combination of monsters and elements, and figuring out when to battle can be a little tough.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you find the right balance of raising new animals and farming in Monster Legends.

These Monster Legends tips and cheats will have players raising the best monsters, choosing the best teams for battle, and expanding their horde of monsters further and further. Check them out now!

1. Combine elements when breeding monsters

This is the best way to get different monsters that are entirely new. Experimenting with the different elemental warriors can give you the edge that you need to conquer the next territory.

Unfortunately, you need the spare food to level up the characters all over again, but in the long term the game will likely reward players with several powerful new creatures at their disposal.

2. Don’t forget the fighting elements

This game is fairly complex, despite its cute looks and charming motif. Getting to know the saga better will require you to face perilous battles across the campaign.

These fights enable you to earn food and levels at a faster rate than you would have earned otherwise.

Without a balance of the simulation and fighting elements, the game’s pacing can be a bit  too slow, and upgrades may come too stagnant. To fully appreciate the title, make sure you are giving love to both modes of play.

3. Use your goals

The goal functions in the game are the best way of getting those extra experience points, food, and other useful items. Using goals, fights, and managing your land correctly can cause the player to experience a very rewarding experience.

At times, you will have to space out goals and use a couple of different methods in order to finish the goal itself.

A good example of this is raising the different elemental creatures– in order to harvest them correctly, you are going to need lots of ranches.

With only a limited space amount of available for buildings at the beginning of the game, you are going to have to be strategic about where you choose to put the individual pieces on the board and what pieces of land you are trying to chop down.

4. Sign in socially

Taking advantage of Facebook activity can really be useful for those who decide to take that route.

This can be really frustrating and is another glaring flaw of the title, but will allow players to progress fast with more interesting dragon-based incentives. There is also an aggressive in-app-purchase campaign that players can abstain from and still enjoy the series

5. Plan out where to expand

Knowing where to put in the markets and habitats can have big difference on the changes in your game’s progression during the experience. The title can be a lot more fun when planned out in advance.

Having an idea of where you are going to expand over time is the difference between a functional habitat and one that isn’t built due to space constriction.

6. Matching elements

Getting the right team of assorted elements is absolutely necessary to playing the game the easiest. Instead of pursuing all of your food into one monster, the experience is handled much better when it is spread out across multiple monsters that can be matched with each and every adversary that players come into contact with.

This can really add some variety to the game play, and keep the individual thinking outside of the box. It is also a long-term strategy that will take lots of saving in patience. When you three strong elemental creatures, the hard work will no doubt payoff.

7. Be patient

Waiting for the stamina to replenish or saving diamonds while waiting for monsters to hatch is going to help later on.

If you absolutely must, using the diamonds is a  good last resort, but they can be saved to purchase bigger things that will only be available to you after saving up money.

Unfortunately, this frustrating bit of game design is one of the few large shortcomings in Monster Legends. But this is not the only game that “suffers” from this problem, so we’re already used to it: there are so many other things to be happy about, anyway!

Monster Legends is a deep game with a lot of fun to be had. In order to truly appreciate the game to its fullest, make sure you take advantage of all these helpful hints. They will have you slating enemies and winning tons of currency in all forms.

If you have additional Monster Legends tips and tricks to share with fellow players enjoying the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Monster Legends Guide: Tips & Cheats: Destroy, Breed, and Repeat



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