How to Get Free Diamonds in Theotown

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A couple of years ago in Theotown, there were no Diamonds as a premium resource. Build times were a lot faster and took a couple of seconds at most. And the founders decided to increase building speed and set the new paid resource – diamonds. After this update, many people left their favorite game because it started to be “pay to win” in some manner. 

Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Theotown

To be honest, there are nearly zero opportunities to get free diamonds in this game. However, there are still some interesting features on how to earn diamonds without IAP.

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  1. Do a check-in every day. This is the easiest way to get a small number of diamonds in a short term, so you can earn from 10 to 45 diamonds daily.
  2. Watch ad. It is boring, but it works. Also, you can download some clicker apps, set the correct configuration and leave your smartphone at home while doing your routine.
  3. Sell your plugin. If you are creative and understand that you can create interesting plugins, just do it. After that, sell it in Theotown store for a great price, but don’t make your plugin overpriced.
  4. And definitely, the best way is placing bus stops, which you need to place before the bus depot, even though that is available first. That way, when you start making tickets, you don’t have to determine the route. Then keep adding routes with the tickets. Then get the diamonds for making the buses bigger and bigger!

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How to Get Free Diamonds in Theotown


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