How to Get Free Chipotle Accessories in Roblox Burrito Builder Event


Chipotle Mexican Grill has teamed up with Roblox for one of the most creative collaborations ever! You can now try your hand at rolling burritos in the Roblox Burrito Builder event, where players can work at a virtual Chipotle restaurant and earn sweet Chipotle-themed accessories for their avatars. Today, we’ll show you how to get free Chipotle accessories in the Roblox Burrito Builder event!

How to Get Free Chipotle Accessories in Roblox Burrito Builder Event

The Chipotle Burrito Builder collaboration is now live, and players can join to get transported back to the very first Chipotle restaurant that opened back in 1993. The Chipotle workers need your help, so don your classic uniform and start rolling some burritos!

To get started, talk to the Chipotle employee to the left of the counter, not the one behind the counter. He’ll explain the basics of burrito making to you, so make sure to pay attention. You’ll need to drag and drop the correct ingredients onto the burrito before the burrito makes it to the end of the line. Don’t worry if you put the wrong ingredient on, as you aren’t penalized, and you can try again.

Every complete burrito you roll will earn you some Burrito Bucks, or $BB. You can see how much $BB you have at any time by the counter in the top right corner of the game. The more burritos you roll, the more $BB and accessories you’ll earn, but beware—the burritos move faster and faster the longer you go!

Once you’re done rolling burritos, you can check to see what cool Chipotle accessories and outfits you’ve unlocked. Tap on the Uniforms button to purchase new uniforms with your hard-earned $BB. You can only use these uniforms in the Chipotle Burrito Builder experience, however.

Tap on the Clothing button on the right side of the screen to see what accessories you can claim. Anything that doesn’t have a padlock icon on it can be claimed, so hit that Claim button for each accessory you want. This will add the accessory to your Roblox inventory, so you can use it on your avatar in other experiences! You unlock new accessories by reaching burrito milestones. Here’s the complete list of accessories and what they look like:

You’ll need to roll a grand total of 35 burritos to earn all the Chipotle-themed accessories. We completed this feat in approximately 15 minutes, so you should have no problem claiming all the accessories. You don’t have to do this all in one go either, so you can take breaks in between shifts if you need to.

That’s how to earn Chipotle-themed accessories in the Roblox Burrito Builder event. If you have any other tips or questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Free Chipotle Accessories in Roblox Burrito Builder Event


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