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How to Get Flamethrower Pal in Palworld

How to Get Flamethrower Pal in Palworld
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Are you searching for a pal that shoots out flames like a flamethrower? If so, this guide is perfect for you as we delve into the details of the Flamethrower pal in Palworld and where you can find them.

One of the main reasons Palworld gained fame is everyone referring to it as a “Pokemon with guns” game. However, Palworld is much more than just another Pokemon-like game. The interaction with pals is what truly makes this game fun. Some pals have the cool ability to transform into guns, such as shotguns, Gatling guns, assault rifles, and more. Among all the guns, the flamethrower surprised me and ended up being the most fun to use. To obtain the flamethrower ability, you will need to capture a Foxparks in Palworld.

Palworld: Flamethrower Pal Guide

Palworld Foxparks location
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If you want to get a flamethrower in Palworld, you will need to capture a pal called Foxparks. It is a Fire-type fox-like enemy with flames on its tail and paws. Players can easily find Foxparks early in the game. I found a few Foxparks by heading west from the Plateau of Beginnings. Foxparks are common pals found everywhere on Ice Wind Island, Eastern Wild Island, and on the small cove southeast of the Volcano island.

Palworld Foxparks's Harness
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Like every pal in Palworld, Foxparks also comes with a partner skill. To use Foxparks as a flamethrower, players will need to use its Huggy Fire partner skill by crafting a Foxparks’s Harness. Players can unlock Foxparks’s Harness after reaching level 6. Spend one technology point to unlock Foxparks’s Harness from the Technology tab.

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To craft Foxparks’s Harness, players will need to collect three pieces of leather, five flame organs, and five paldium fragments. While looking for Foxparks, players will usually find them in groups. Players can kill the extra Foxparks to get leather and flame organs. Flame organs are also dropped by other Fire-type pals, and leather is normally dropped by pals with fur. As for paldium fragments, players can mine palladium ores to easily obtain lots of them.

Palworld Flamethrower pal
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After crafting Foxparks’s Harness, spawn your Foxparks and use its Huggy Fire partner skill by pressing the F button for PC gamers. Then, Foxparks will jump into your arms and can be used as a flamethrower. Press the attack button to launch fire at enemies.

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How to Get Flamethrower Pal in Palworld