How to Get Fat in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats


Spiritfarer is a wonderful, cozy adventure game from developers Thunder Lotus that sees you lead spirits to the afterlife.

The game has a fascinating gameplay mechanic and captivating storyline you’ll want to experience again after completing the game.


It allows you to explore the wide oceans in unique ways while picking up spirits along the way. There’s a lot to admire in Spiritfarer, and in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to get Fat in Spiritfarer.

How to Get Fat in Spiritfarer

There are plenty of materials in Spiritfarer, but one that is particularly important is Fat. It has plenty of benefits, but it isn’t easy to acquire. Here’s how to get it.


As you play the game and progress further, you’ll eventually meet Mickey and Bruce, two brothers with a solid fraternal bond. Mickey is a water buffalo who doesn’t speak much, while Bruce is a mockingbird, speaking both for himself and his brother.

You’ll have to convince them to board your ship, which is rather simple. Once they’ve boarded your ship and you have progressed their questline, they’ll hand you the Crusher Building blueprint.

The resources you’ll need to build the Crusher are: 15 Ash Planks, 7 Pulsar Ingots, and 5 Zinc Ingots. Once you’ve acquired these resources, you can start building the Crusher.

After you’ve built the Crusher, you can use it to crush items such as veggies and get fats. You can also crush seeds, plants, and even olives to get oils, which are also fats. Keep in mind that while not all plants and seeds are edible, olives will definitely give you what you seek.

After you’ve gotten your fat, you can use it to cook various types of items. Fat will also be useful when spirits make certain requests that involve cooking.

Fried Chicken, for one, is a prominent food that is usually requested by spirits, and you’ll need fats to make it. We hope this brief guide has answered your questions on how to get fat in Spiritfarer. Happy Gaming!

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How to Get Fat in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats


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