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How to Get “Expert Technician” Badge in Roblox DOORS

How to Get “Expert Technician” Badge in Roblox DOORS
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Roblox DOORS is a fun and unique horror game where players must make their way through scary levels full of creatures and monsters. There are puzzles to solve as you go and badges to earn, one of which is the Expert Technician badge. This badge shows off how quick and smart you are at solving the hotel’s breaker puzzle. If you are finding it hard to solve this one and get the Expert Technician badge, we can help!

We will show you how to get “Expert Technician” badge in Roblox DOORS quickly and easily.

How to Unlock the Expert Technician Badge in Roblox DOORS

Badges can be earned by completing various tasks and solving puzzles as you play through your favorite Roblox games. In Roblox DOORS, players can earn one of the more rare achievement badges, the Expert Technician badge, by completing a certain puzzle quickly 3 times.

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The Hotel Breaker puzzle is available to solve only when you are at level 100. The puzzle itself is not particularly difficult to solve, but to get the Expert Technician badge, you must solve it 3 times fast. At the Hotel Breaker, the panel will show numbers being flashed up. They will be random and will be between 1 and 10.

When the numbers flash up, a light in the center of the top panel will light up occasionally too. When the center light appears, this indicates that that particular number is the one to toggle on using the switches. For example:

  • 01 – indicator does not light up
  • 05 – indicator lights up
  • 10 – indicator lights up
  • 08 – indicator does not light up
  • 06 – indicator lights up
  • etc

Following the pattern above we can see that the switches on the panel that need toggling on at 05, 10, and 06. Now, to get the Expert Technician badge, you need to repeat the puzzle correctly 3 times within 1 minute.

That is everything you need to know about unlocking the Expert Technician badge in Roblox DOORS. For more hints, tips and codes, visit our dedicated guide section.

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How to Get “Expert Technician” Badge in Roblox DOORS


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