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How to Get Expensive Fish in Chillquarium and Make More Money

Learn how to get the rarer fish and earn more money in Chillquarium.

There are tons of different fish breeds you can get in Chillquarium, and the rarer they are, the more money you can get from them. Here’s how to get expensive fish in Chillquarium and make more money.

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How to Get Expensive Fish in Chillquarium

Chillquarium is an interesting game because it treats its fish like units from a gacha game. Let us explain: You buy fish gacha packs, and each pack has five randomly selected fish in it.

Every single fish in the game has a rarity that goes from common, rare, epic, legendary, and lastly mythic. You won’t know what the breed of a fish is if it’s your first time seeing it, but you’ll know the rarity right away.

The rarer a fish is, the better. When fish gain enough XP, they mature into adults, and they’ll start making money daily. You’ll quickly notice that the common fish make almost nothing, such as the humble Goldfish only making $0.02 a day, so you’ll want to aim for the more expensive and rarer fish.

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So how do you get the expensive fish in Chillquarium? It’s simple—you just keep buying the fish packs. You’ll draw a lot of common fish of course, but eventually you’ll pull an expensive fish that earns you a lot of money.

There are five different fish packs, with Freshwater Friends being the cheapest. Generally, the more expensive packs have better fish, but you can find rare fish in any packs, so just go with whatever pack you can afford.

In addition to the standard common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic rarity system, there are also variants. Each fish can have three different variants: striped, golden, and rainbow. Fish variants greatly increase the sell value and daily money of the fish. These are somewhat rare finds, so consider yourself lucky if you stumble upon one.

How to Make more Money in Chillquarium

The primary way of earning more money in Chillquarium is by collecting as many rare fish as you can, then simply waiting so that they can generate some money for you over time.

If you want to earn money a little faster, you’ll need to start selling off your fish. The best way of selling fish is to look at their ratio, which is how much the fish earns per day as an adult compared to their sell value.

Let’s take another look at the humble Goldfish, as they’re a great example of understanding ratio. As mentioned, Goldfish make $0.02 in a day, but sell for $2.00. These guys are much better off being sold, as you can make money in a reasonable amount of time.

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To lay it out in clearer terms, it would take a Goldfish 50 days to make a single buck. Who has that kind of time? So, sell your fish with lopsided ratios, but also make sure not to go overboard, or you won’t have any passive income.

Ultimately, the best way to make money depends on your play style. If you prefer to be handsoff, having lots of rare fish just generate money for you over time is a legitimate strategy. If you want to get rich quicker, be smart about selling your fish to earn lots of money.

Just like your typical gacha game, Chillquarium requires you to do a lot of pulling to get the expensive and rare fish. Keep at it, and you’ll have lots of expensive fish in no time.

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How to Get Expensive Fish in Chillquarium and Make More Money