How to Get Energy in Virtual Families 3

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While playing Virtual Families 3, you will have to keep track of many of your family’s vital indicators. All your little people should be well-fed, happy, healthy, and preferably not overworked. One of the most important characteristics of your characters, which players often turn a blind eye to, is the energy of your little people, and today we will tell you how you can get energy.

How to Get Energy in Virtual Families 3

Energy is necessary for small people to successfully perform daily affairs because if their energy is below the required level, they will do all tasks much more slowly.

For your little people to always be full of energy, you need to let them sleep 6-8 hours. If you do this, they will always be cheerful and will perform all daily activities quickly. But if throughout the day there were a lot of things, even despite a healthy sleep, they will still get tired, and you will need to restore their energy. There are several ways to do this in the game:

  • Buy your character coffee, after which they will restore some energy.
  • Always buy and keep a few jars of energy drinks around the house to give your little people a drink and restore energy.
  • If you put them down to take a nap, they will also restore energy. To do this, put them in bed, and wake them up after a few minutes.

But all these methods will only temporarily restore energy. For your people to always be full of strength and energy, you need to regularly feed them different foods, allow them to sleep 6-8 hours, and satisfy all their needs. If you always do this, then you won’t even need to find ways to restore their energy.

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How to Get Energy in Virtual Families 3


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