How to Get Endorsements in NBA 2k23 MyCareer


Endorsements are an important aspect of MyCareer in NBA 2k23 whenever you are playing the regular season of the game, not the online mode. You’ll be given lots of VC after every game but it’s very important to pick the right endorsement deals once you get them.

These endorsement deals are also dependent on your playstyle, position and strengths. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to get endorsements in NBA 2k23 MyCareer.

How to Get Endorsements in NBA 2k23 MyCareer

Before getting into how you can get endorsement deals, let’s understand what they are in the first place. Endorsement deals are incentive-based contracts that you can get from brands in NBA 2k23 MyCareer.


These brands will usually offer you a massive chunk of VC as a one-time payment for events and performance-based incentives that you can get by playing matches. After you’ve been offered an endorsement deal, you can also negotiate the initial amount of VC you can earn as well as the number of incentives you can get afterwards.

How To Get Endorsements

To get endorsement deals in NBA 2k23 MyCareer, simply head to the game’s ‘Progression’ tab from the MyCareer in-game menu. Once there, you will see endorsements from the options and if you don’t have any yet, you can check your player’s fan meter.

You can get endorsement deals fast by levelling up your fan meter. And although earning fans can often seem tedious, you’ll just have to play as many games as you can. You can earn fans by making highlight plays during the game or by answering fan-favourite questions during a press conference.

Playing the game on a lower difficulty can also help you make more highlight plays per game and increase your fan base a lot faster. Ultimately, you will get these endorsement deals from the brands and enjoy the game’s MyCareer even more.

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How to Get Endorsements in NBA 2k23 MyCareer


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