How To Get Dig (TM055) in Scarlet and Violet


Scarlet and Violet are incredibly addictive RPGs available for Nintendo Switch users. In these games, you will have to explore a vast open world, study at the Academy, complete quests, and catch Pokemon. And to defeat all your enemies, you will need to train your Pokémon. Therefore, this guide will tell you how to get Dig (TM055) in Scarlet and Violet.

What Is Dig (TM055)

While playing Scarlet and Violet, you can really do a lot of different activities. And for most of them, you’ll need a strong Pokémon team. But you can’t create one without good TMs.

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TM is an item that can be used to train Pokémon with new Moves. Therefore, there are as many different TMs as there are Moves. And one of the best Ground-type Moves is Dig.

This Move has 80 Power and 100 Accuracy. Using it, the Pokémon becomes semi-invulnerable on the first turn and attacks on the second turn. We recommend you use this Move against Steel, Rock, Poison, Electric, and Fire-type Pokémon. But Flying-type Pokémon are immune to this Move.

How To Get Dig (TM055)

To learn Dig Move, you must find or craft TM055. And you can find this TM near Cascarrafa City on the southeast side. What’s more, you can learn its crafting recipe after defeating Team Star Poison Crew. Once you get TM055, you can also farm that TM. But for this, you will need to collect a lot of resources:

  • Orthworm Tarnish – 3
  • Greavard Wax – 3
  • Diglett Dirt – 3
  • 5000 LP

That’s all you need to know about how to get Dig (TM055) in Scarlet and Violet. Follow our tips, and you will be able to train your Pokémon in this Ground Type Move. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on How To Get Confuse Ray (TM017) in Scarlet and Violet.

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How To Get Dig (TM055) in Scarlet and Violet


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