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How to Get Diamonds Quickly in My Singing Monsters

How to Get Diamonds Quickly in My Singing Monsters
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There are many ways that you can produce diamonds in My Singing Monster. In this guide, we will describe these ways and explain how you can maximize your diamond production. Read everything that you need to know about how to get diamonds quickly in My Singing Monsters below!

About Game Currency

You need to be conservative with how you spend your currency as a free-to-play player (F2P). For example, don’t spend diamonds to buy monsters. What you can do instead is become a breeder. In general, you need to try and do the best that you can without spending any gems, unless you have no other option. Try to max out whatever you can without spending diamonds, then use the currency to make further upgrades.


  • Daily Login Bonus: Your daily login will reward you with the Daily Login Bonus. For ten days, the benefits become better every day; after that, they reset, and you have to start anew. 
  • Spin Wheel: Once per day, the Castle grants access to the mini-game “The Spin Wheel”. 11 rewards with equal likelihoods may result from each spin or a Grand Prize. Obviously, this depends on chance, but you should still use it whenever it’s possible.
  • Memory Game: Castle doesn’t give access to “The Spin Wheel” mini-game only, but also to “Memory Game” which is another mini-game. In order to win, you need to memorize and pair matching cards. The diamond rewards depend on the final level you can reach.


This is the most basic strategy of farming diamonds in My Singing Monsters. In order to maximize your diamond production, you should collect your rewards from your islands ASAP.

  • Maximum Mines: If you make an in-app purchase at any time, your mini-mines can be upgraded to maximum mines. Compared to mini mines, maximum mines can produce a total of 4 diamonds per day (2 every 12 hours).
  • Mini Mines: The mini-mine becomes available at level 8, and it can be purchased from the market. It will produce 1 diamond per day, so make sure to put it on all of your islands.
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  • Weekly Tasks: There are a number of tasks that once you complete you’ll be rewarded with various prizes, including diamonds in some cases. You shouldn’t focus on these goals too much, as they are hard to achieve. Instead, just play the game and eventually you’ll complete them.
  • Tribal Island: Every tribal island has a level goal that once you reach, you’ll be rewarded with diamonds. You’ll start to reach these goals around mid-game, so you shouldn’t bother with this during the early stages.

Mid to Late-Game Farming Strategies

  • Wublin Farming: Another diamond farming strategy is Wublin farming. The strategy is rather simple. You should fit as many Wublins as you can on the island. Since they are easier to awaken, Zythns are the recommended ones.
  • Celestial Farming: Celestial Farming is a strategy that costs diamonds so you should deploy it only during the very late stages of the game. You can have 60 celestials in total (5 on each island) and they can produce around 120 diamonds per week.
  • Shard Exchange: You shouldn’t waste your time with this strategy unless you are in the final stages of the game, and you have no other strategies to deploy. On Ethereal Island, you can exchange 30k shards for 1 diamond. You focus on producing as many shards as you can and exchange them for diamonds.
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Other Ways of Getting Diamonds

  • Monsters that can create bonus items can provide you with a bonus item worth one diamond.
  • Having a Top Ten Island equals 100 Diamonds per week.
  • Sharing accomplishments via social media.
  • Reaching a specific level or rank in the Colossingum’s Versus mode.
  • Paying cash for diamonds or completing free offers.

That’s all we have for our “How to Get Diamonds Quickly in My Singing Monsters” post. If you enjoy this game, also check out how to Breed Shrubb in My Singing Monsters – Breeding Guide.

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How to Get Diamonds Quickly in My Singing Monsters


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