How to Get Diamond Eggs in Adopt Me – Best Ways

How to Get Diamond Eggs in Adopt Me - Best Ways

The Diamond Egg in the popular game Adopt Me is one of the rarest and hardest-to-find items in the game. Not surprisingly, only the pros can get it. Adopt Me mode is full of pets. In addition to the usual animals such as cats and dogs, you can meet mythical creatures. They not only look beautiful and are expensive but also have a number of game advantages. Fairy pets are dropped from eggs, of which there are also several types. This is why having the Diamond Egg is so vital to local collectors.

Methods to Get Diamond Eggs

In fact, now in Adopt Me, there are two real options for grabbing a Diamond Egg: as a bonus or during a trade. Many are aware that the developers generously reward gamers who regularly visit their project. Every log-in into Adopt Me is rewarded with stars.

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But the problem with the bonus is the length of this process. The thing is, the egg we need is worth 660 stars in the game. To mine this amount, a player must log in for 390 days (a little over a year). Therefore, those who do not want to wait a long time, try to use the second method – the trade with other players.

Luckily, Adopt Me has many items that are similar in value to the Diamond Egg, making it a lot easier to trade. The most common Diamond Egg trade is for other rare eggs such as Golden Egg and Pink Egg. A couple of these ones or a combination of an egg + a rare pet or several common animals is a good option for a trade that the other side will agree with.

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How to Get Diamond Eggs in Adopt Me – Best Ways


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