How to Get Desert Boot Headphones in Roblox Clarks’ Cicaverse

How to Get Desert Boot Headphones in Roblox Clarks' Cicaverse

If you want to experience the youth and party atmosphere, you should visit the Clarks’ Cicaverse game, in which you can participate in various breakdance competitions, parkour, and win BMX races. In addition, you can make your gameplay even more colorful by using cosmetic items, which are incredibly numerous in the game. If you like to wear headphones, you should read our guide to the end, because today we will tell you how to get Desert Boot Headphones.

How to Get Desert Boot Headphones in Roblox Clarks’ Cicaverse

The Desert Boot Headphones is a headgear that has only been added to the game for a few days, with several other cosmetic items. The Desert Boot Headphones look like the earphones of a pair of sneakers, with Clark branded on the right and left sides. In addition, each earpiece has a small antenna with a blue ball and altogether looks like an item that you should get.

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Getting Desert Boot Headphones is easy enough, and here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Roblox and launch Clarks’ Cicaverse.
  • Next, go to the entrance to the parkour location. Finding the gate is not difficult, as there will be a large inscription PARKOUR on top.
  • Approaching the entrance, hold down the E key and select the QUICK START mode.
  • Next, you have to do all the parkour, and you need to do this no later than 90 seconds. It may not work for you the first time, but do not give up and try a few more times.
  • Once you complete the parkour in 90 seconds or less, you will receive Desert Boot Headphones and the corresponding achievement.

If you are doing parkour for the first time, you may think it is impossible to complete it in 90 seconds, but it is not. Calm down and slowly study the parkour map. Once you understand when and what to do, you can complete this task in the required time.

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How to Get Desert Boot Headphones in Roblox Clarks’ Cicaverse


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