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How to Get Daybreak in Terraria

How to Get Daybreak in Terraria

Terraria is one of the most popular 2D RPGs and it’s almost impossible to find a fan of this genre that hasn’t heard about this game. It allows you to explore a huge and randomly generated world filled with various locations. There you will find many different artifacts and weapons. Today we are going to talk about a powerful magic weapon that you may find useful. This guide will tell you how to get Daybreak in Terraria.

How to Obtain Daybreak in Terraria

There are many different weapons that you can use in Terraria and one of the most powerful among them is called Daybreak. It looks like a huge magic spear that burns with solar fire. Your character is able to throw it and the weapon has an interesting ability.

Daybreak is able to ignite your enemies and this debuff deals a decent amount of damage. Also, it is able to stack up to 8 times and this feature turns Daybreak into one of the best weapons. So, you may want to learn how to get it and today we will help you.

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In order to craft Daybreak in Terraria, you will need to get some Solar Fragments and use the Ancient Manipulator as your crafting station. The amount of fragments you need for this weapon is 18.

How to Get Solar Fragments in Terraria

Solar Fragments are a special endgame material that you can get during the Lunar Event. You will have to destroy the Solar Pillar that looks like a giant flying stone tower. It will drop some Solar Fragments after you beat it. Here you can read our guide on how to defeat the Solar Pillar in Terraria.

There are many interesting weapons that you can find in this game and we will be glad if our guide helps you to get Daybreak. Good luck with your further battle against the Solar Pillar!

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How to Get Daybreak in Terraria


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