How to Get the Kwad Racer in Terraria


There are lots of interesting gadgets and devices that you can find in Terriaria and one of the most exciting among them is called Kwad Racer. This drone can be controlled remotely and it seems that there are many players who would like to obtain such a cool item. So, this guide will tell you how to get the Kwad Racer in Terraria.

What Is Kwad Racer in Terraria?

The Kwad Racer in Terraria is a cool gadget and it looks like a small drone you can use for different purposes. You are able to assume remote control of this thing with help of a special device. Also, you will have to use FPV Goggles to be able to see from the eyes of this drone. So, you may want to learn how to get all of these items, and today we are going to tell you about it.

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How to Obtain the Kwad Racer in Terraria

The Kwad Racer is a very interesting item and if you want to get it you will have to reach the hard mode. After that, you will need to fight with Plantera and defeat this boss. This task is quite difficult but once you succeed you will have a chance to attract a certain NPC.

Cyborg is a special merchant that will sell various high-tech gadgets for you. The Kwad Racer and all of its control devices can be bought from this NPC. So, you just need to reach the hard mode and beat Planter to get access to these items.

There are lots of different gadgets and artifacts that you can find in Terraria. We will be glad if this guide helps you to get the Kwad Racer into your collection. Good luck with your further fight against Plantera!

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How to Get the Kwad Racer in Terraria


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