How to Get Dark Step in Blox Fruits

How to Get Dark Step in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is an entertaining game that was heavily inspired by the One Piece anime. In the game, you can find many different blox fruits, which in this game are analogous to anime devil fruits. But you need to be careful with fruits because gaining great power, you will become incredibly vulnerable to water. Therefore, some players choose a different path and learn combat skills that do not require fruits. One of these skills is Dark Step, and in this article, we will tell you how to get it.

How to Get Dark Step in Blox Fruits

Speaking of Dark Step, we can say that this is not a skill, but rather a martial art that includes several skills. This set of skills is not incredibly powerful, but for a beginner or intermediate game, it will be very useful.

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How to get Dark Step:

  • You need to go to Bobby’s Island.
  • There you need to find an NPC named Black Leg Teacher.
  • It is from this NPC that you can buy Dark Step Fighting style, but be prepared to pay $150,000 in-game currency.
  • If, later on, you change your skill set and then want to play Dark Step again, you won’t have to pay again. You will be able to come to this NPC and get this set of skills for free.

After buying this fighting style, you get the following skills:

  • Kick Combo. Activated by pressing Z. This skill is available at mastery level 1. You charge at the enemy, and if you hit him, you start to throw a lot of kicks. After that, you throw the enemy back.
  • Breakdance. Activated by pressing X. This skill is available at mastery level 40. You get on your hands and start spinning, dealing damage and stunning enemies around you.
  • Barrage. Activated by pressing C. This skill is available at mastery level 80. You deal many blows to all enemies in front of you. By holding down the activation button of the skill, you can use it for much longer.
  • Devil. Activated by pressing V. This skill is available at mastery level 150. Thanks to this skill, you can greatly increase the damage of all Dark Step skills.

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How to Get Dark Step in Blox Fruits


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