Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features tons of different gameplay mechanics that are meant to help you while out in the field hunting the strongest of monsters. While the game may lack many of the traditional features seen in many action RPGs, it does offer plenty of chances to buff your character before venturing out.

Among these mechanics are the Bunny Dango mechanics, which can be made even more effective and reliable with the help of Dango Tickers. Here’s how to get them as quickly as possible.

How To Get Dango Tickets In Monster Hunter Rise

Dango Tickets are pretty scarce at the beginning of the game, but there are some very simple ways to get more than enough of them to make eating Bunny Dango more effective. The Canteen features a Motley Mix option that lets you transform food items into others while rewarding you with Dango Tickets, depending on the item you are using.

One of the most common items you can use is Raw Meat, obtained by killing small monsters on the field or by purchasing it from the Argosy. This item can be transformed into a very useful Well-done Steak by using the Canteen’s Motley Mix feature while earning some Dango Tickets on the side. Remember to talk with Yomogi after performing Motley Mix to get your tickets!

You can learn how many you currently have by checking any Item Box and the Other section.

How To Use Dango Tickets

Dango Tickets are used at the Canteen right before eating any Bunny Dango combination. Each dumpling in a Dango Bunny comes with a special skill that has a certain chance of activation, and the Dango Ticket increases it by 40%, pretty much assuring the skill will be activated.

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