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How To Get Crystal Shards in OSRS – Guide

How To Get Crystal Shards in OSRS – Guide

Playing OSRS, you should acquire pretty much resources to progress in the game. And you should know the specific ways of obtaining various items not to transform your gameplay into endless resource farming. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get Crystal Shards in OSRS. Even though this resource might seem to be hardly obtainable, using our guide, you can acquire many Crystal Shards quickly.

Best Ways to Get Crystal Shards in OSRS

You should understand that getting a significant amount of Crystal Shards requires much time. But you need to consider that the more powerful you are, the more Crystal Shards you can make per hour. So, more experienced players are lucky in that aspect. And below, there are 3 of the best way to obtain Crystal Chards in OSRS.


Zalcano is a powerful boss that can be accessed using a teleport platform located on the south-eastern west bank. The boss has a respawn time of 22.2 seconds, and killing it is the best way to farm Crystal Shard in OSRS. It brings you 30 to 45 shards per hour, depending on how fast you kill the boss.

The Gauntlet

Even though minigames are significantly underestimated in OSRS, playing the Gauntlet is one of the best ways to obtain Crystal Shards in the game. It can bring you up to 35 shards per hour if you learn how to play this minigame effectively. Moreover, the game does not require particular skills.

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Mining Iron

Mining Iron is the last way of getting Crystal Shards in OSRS. The main feature is that it is available not only for experienced players but also for beginners. By mining iron, you can get from 20 to 30 Crystal Shards and many pieces of ore that can be melted into ore bars.

That’s it with getting Crystal Shard in OSRS. Be ready to spend a lot of time in the game if you want to obtain a lot of this resource. Also, take into account that all ways from our guide will give you not only Shards but also other important resources. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to get Black Mask in OSRS.

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How To Get Crystal Shards in OSRS – Guide


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