How to get core wood in Valheim best location

Core Wood is one of many survival resources in Valheim that shares specific uses. Players can use core wood to build log cabins. And, as we all know getting shelter in a survival game is the first priority for every player. But, with the availability of different types of woods in Valheim finding core woods in the game becomes a rather daunting task for new players.

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Before we move on to the location of core wood, in Valheim, players should know that currently there are two trees from which players can harvest core wood in the game. Players can use the ax to chop Pine trees or Fir Trees to get core wood, alongside, wood. 

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In Valheim, players can find a plethora of Pine and Fir trees in the Black Forest area. So first and foremost, travel to black forest location and look for tall trees, get close and you can easily check the name of the trees. Black Forest is full of Pine and Fir trees so finding them is relatively easy.

Image Credit – EpicCRAZY WOLF

Hoping that players already have a stone ax or a flint ax, they can start chopping down Pine trees, and then the logs to get core wood along with wood. And, as we mentioned earlier, the black forest location is full of Pine trees, so without any problem, players can get a surplus amount of core wood in Valheim.

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Valheim is an action survival roleplaying game currently available on PC, macOS, and Linux platforms.

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