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Piece Adventure Simulator is a popular anime-inspired sim RPG on Roblox. Players can explore all the One Piece themed games, discover characters, explore and travel across many areas, and complete challenges! Some of your favorite characters can be summoned to fight alongside your main, and many of these are unlocked or earned as you progress.

There is one character fans are hoping to unlock and he is pink-haired Coby (some may know him as Kobe!) We will show you right here how to get Coby in Piece Adventure Simulator – Roblox!

Unlocking Coby in Roblox Piece Adventure Simulator

If you are looking to get Coby there are a few things you will have to do, as he cannot just be purchased or unlocked instantly! Coby is only available when players have unlocked every other character in Piece Adventure Simulator, and have each one levelled up to level 25.

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Piece Adventure Simulator gameplay (via Roblox)

There are 11 characters to get before you are able to unlock Coby:

  1. Albeta
  2. Arlong
  3. Buggy
  4. Laffy
  5. Mihawk
  6. Nami
  7. Shigi
  8. Smoker
  9. Sonji
  10. Ussop
  11. Zero

To check which characters you have already unlocked go to your Menu and click on Inventory. A full list of every character you have unlocked so far will be there. Once every one of the 11 available characters have been collected and levelled up to level 25, you will be able to unlock Coby. He is a great addition to the team as he has his powerful broom which gives him an extra crit. hit chance, and some stylish attack moves!

That is all you need to know about unlocking the final character Coby in Piece Adventure Simulator on Roblox! For further information, hints and tips for Piece Adventure Simulator on Roblox, visit our guide section.

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How to Get Coby in Piece Adventure Simulator – Roblox


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