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How To Get Clay In 7 Days To Die

How To Get Clay In 7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die is a game that challenges you to explore a zombie-apocalyptic world where you must survive by scavenging for useful resources that will help you stay alive. One of the items you’ll need is Clay, which although it’s a basic material, is extremely valuable.

Clay is important because you’ll need it to craft one the forge, one of the game’s most important early game crafting stations. You can also smelt clay into the forge and make ingots for better fear. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get Clay in 7 Days to Die.

How To Get Clay In 7 Days To Die

Finding Clay isn’t the most challenging task in 7 Days to Die. You simply need to look down at the ground and attack in any biome. And while this isn’t a very effective method, you’ll be getting one piece of Clay every few hits despite needing way more than that.


However, we recommend using a shovel for gathering as it allows you to collect Clay in a much more efficient way by covering more ground.

You can craft a stone shovel early on in the game using 5 small stones, 3 plant fibres and 3 woods. These are all essential items that you’ll gather after playing the game for the first few minutes.

Once crafted, a stone shovel will be at level 1 and can change based on the amount of work you do to earn skill points and how you spend those skill points. To craft higher-level tools, you’ll need skill points. To do this, head to the perception part of the skills and place points into miner 69’ER, which will let you craft higher-level tools.

A stone shovel gives you 7 Clay per hit and sometimes even more. An iron shovel on the other hand will give you 9 Clay while a steel shovel will give you 13 Clay at its base level and these numbers eventually go up as you obtain higher-level tools in the game.

As aforementioned, Clay can be used to build the forge which you can craft after you’ve unlocked the skill of advanced engineering in intelligence or simply using a forge schematic. A forge schematic is a blueprint for the crafting recipe to save you from using skill points and you can find them by looting items randomly.

It’ll take 60 Clays to craft the forge, after which you can use the forge to smelt any other Clays you have to make things like steel and iron etc.

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How To Get Clay In 7 Days To Die


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