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How To Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days To Die

How To Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days To Die

There’s a lot to do in 7 Days to Die and you’ll spend a large chunk of your time crafting and scavenging resources to make tools, weapons equipment, and structures among other unfamiliar items that you’ll find. Players can also find vehicles as well and that is where mechanical parts will become useful.

These mechanical parts are not very common as well and players will eventually run short of them at some point. There are a lot of different things you can fix and improve with mechanical parts and if you’re struggling to find some, then read on because in this guide we’ll be showing you how to get mechanical parts in 7 Days to Die.

How To Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days To Die

Mechanical parts are used in multiple types of recipes that players will need to progress in the game. Some of the items you can get from mechanical tools are 4×4 truck accessories, 4×4 truck chassis, bicycle, bicycle chassis, bicycle handlebars, blade trap, cement mixer, the crucible, dart trap, desk safe, garage metal door, generator bank, grenade and many more.


And while randomly scouring the game’s world to find these mechanical parts in things like broken workbenches, tool boxes, shelves and stiff crates can often prove resourceful, it’s not the best way to go. So if players want a more reliable source that’ll help them amass many mechanical parts, they’re going to need a wrench.

To get mechanical parts using a wrench, players need to find things like Fridges, Trucks, Cars, Mechanical gym equipment (treadmills, bikes, etc), Vending machines, Gas pumps, Ovens, Air conditioning, Safes and Office chairs. These are some of the common things you can come across and there are lots of them scattered around.

Getting a Wrench


Players can get a wrench by crafting it and they can also get a wrench from loot bags that drop from zombies, stiff crates or even buy it from traders. A wrench can be crafted with 12 forged iron, 4 mechanical parts and 2 duct tape and players will need the skill Salvage Operations under the perception tree to craft the wrench.

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How To Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days To Die


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