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How to Get Ceramic and Aluminum in Bum Simulator

How to Get Ceramic and Aluminum in Bum Simulator
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Bum Simulator challenges players to navigate the daily struggles of street life while encountering a range of bizarre and comical situations. With its open-world sandbox environment, the game offers endless activities to engage in, from weaponizing pigeons to uncovering the secrets of Alcohol Alchemy. With the final release, players can expect even more exciting additions and improvements, including new items, side quests, and quality-of-life improvements. In this guide, we will tell you how to get ceramic and aluminum in Bum Simulator.

Bum Simulator: Ceramic and Aluminum Crafting Guide

While ravaging through the streets of Bumsville, players will come across tons of dirty areas with trash littered all around them. Players can scavenge through these piles of garbage and trash to find all kinds of items. Bum Simulator boasts an impressive crafting system that allows players to utilize the scraps they collect to create a variety of useful items at a workbench.

Image credit: Ragged Games

One of the many items you can find in Bum Simulator is ceramic. If you are looking for ceramic, try searching for broken toilets and sinks inside yellow dumpsters. By recycling these discarded items, you can obtain the precious ceramic you need to craft useful tools and other essential items. However, it’s important to note that access to these yellow dumpsters is limited until you upgrade your shuriken skill.

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For players who haven’t yet upgraded their shuriken skill, there is still a way to get your hands on ceramic in Bum Simulator. By visiting Mr. Jello, the eccentric and possibly psychotic clown, you can purchase ceramic for $2. Once you have obtained the ceramic, you can use it to craft an aluminum smelter at the workbench. To create the smelter, you will need 6 ceramic, 3 scrap, 4 wood, and 2 nails.

Image credit: Ragged Games

Once the smelter is constructed, you can use it to transform metal scraps into valuable aluminum. With this new resource at your disposal, you will be able to craft new useful items, including aluminum sheets, that can aid in your survival on the streets of Bumsville.

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How to Get Ceramic and Aluminum in Bum Simulator