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How to Plant Seeds in Bum Simulator

How to Plant Seeds in Bum Simulator
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Living on the streets is no easy life as you will soon realize. Bum Simulator is a tongue-in-cheek simulator game where you and your trusty shopping cart, Carl, try to survive on the streets with only the pigeons to protect you. There are ways to make some money to buy food and drinks but also ways to grow your own. Finding and planting seeds to grow flowers and vegetables can be really useful in Bum Simulator so read on to find out how.

How to Grow Plants in Bum Simulator

Planting seeds and growing plants is a good way of growing food for recipes and making money in Bum Simulator. To plant seeds you will need to gather them from Pigeon Guano/Poop and take them back to your base. To grow vegetables or flower craft yourself some Flower Pots to plant seeds in using 5 Scrap and 2 Nails. Press R then TAB to get into Build Mode and access Gardening options. If you want to grow fruit trees or tobacco you will need a Large Flowerpot which requires 6 Wood, 2 Aluminium Sheets, 3 Copper Pipes, and 2 Nails.

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When you have crafted a flower pot go back to your inventory and select your preferred seed. Take it to the flowerpot and press E to interact. Just dropping to seed won’t do anything, you have to press E to interact properly.

Image via Ragged Games

Where to find seeds in Bum Simulator

Seeds can be gathered from a few places. First up, check Carl the cart to see if he is holding any that you may have picked up while rummaging through the trash. He may be holding some flower seeds or anything else useful. To check Carl just click on his to open up your Inventory, then press R to take one. Flower seeds can grow decorative flowers that can be sold but not eaten (yuck!) The seeds can also be sold as they are but it is worth taking the time to grow them to make more money in the long run.

Seeds are also found in Pigeon Poop. Yep, that’s right, the Pigeon Master has to look for seeds in his pigeons’ droppings. Any fruit or veg seeds are good but we prefer Eggplant Seeds to make some decent cash. There are also seeds for Onions, Cucumbers, Oranges, Tobacco, and more! Top tip: If you intend to grow lots of veg and fruit to sustain yourself in Bum Simulator, get the Green Thumb and Bountiful Harvest perks to help you grow lots more plants a whole lot faster!

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How to Plant Seeds in Bum Simulator