How to Get Box and Hug Emote for Free in Stumble Guys


Emotes are one of the essential parts of Stumble Guys. Also, using a rare emotion is one of the best ways to stand out among all players. However, most rare emotions are available only if you pay real money. One of such emotes is Hug and Box. However, read this guide to find out how to get a box and hug emotes for free in Stumble Guys. Let’s get started!

Getting Box and Hug Emote for Free in Stumble Guys

You can get both these emotes by purchasing and completing a battle pass. The battle pass in Stumble Guys costs 1,200 gems. And you can always buy for 5 dollars a special offer that will give you 1,400 gems and other valuable items. However, what to do if you do not have the money for some reason? Just continue reading the guide, and you will find out.

Collect 1200 Gems Yourself

It might sound pretty hard to do, but it is hard only if you are not aiming to play a game for a long time. The point is that gems will be automatically earned while playing the game, which is fantastic. For example, from the standard version of the battle pass, you can get 150 gems, which is good. And if you purchase the battle pass, you will get 400 gems refunded by completing all 30 stages. Also, do not forget to spin the freewheel in the store; it has a high percentage for dropping gems.

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Try to Win Battle Pass in a Giveaway

Unfortunately, participating in giveaways is the last option to get these 2 emotes for free. So, you can follow YouTubers and Discord servers and participate in giveaways here. However, there are a lot of players that are trying to get the Battle Pass in this way. Therefore, your chances will be too low.

So, that is all with getting Box and Hug emotes in Stumble Guys for free. Of course, you can rely on your luck, but it seems that you will earn 1200 gems faster than winning in a giveaway. That is how it is.

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How to Get Box and Hug Emote for Free in Stumble Guys


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