How to Fix Stumble Guys Login Failed (Not Working)

How to Fix Stumble Guys Login Failed (Not Working)

Bugs and glitches are the worst things you can face while playing the game. However, it is not a secret that the possibility of facing bugs in mobile games is much lower than on PC. Despite this, there still are some bugs that might interrupt you from playing mobile games. By reading this guide, you will find out how to fix Stumble Guys Login Failed. So, let’s get started!

Fixing Stumble Guys Login Failed 

Loginning into the game is necessary if you want to save your game process or transfer your account to another device. However, in Stumble Guys, the Login bug is one of the most widespread problems. And honestly, this bug is pretty easy to fix. And there will be solutions for both platforms, Android and iOS.

Fixing Login Failed on Android

So, if you are using an Android device, you must navigate to Settings. There will be a tab named Apps or something like this (it might be called differently on different smartphones); choose it and search the Stumble Guys. When you do it, all you need is to clear all data in the game.

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However, after doing it, the game might require an update. So, you need to head to the Play Market, and if there are no actual updates, reboot your smartphone and download the newest update. That is all, be sure the problem will be fixed.

Fixing Login Failed on iOS

Unfortunately, iOS does not provide users with access to the in-game files. So, the only option is to wait until the update is available for your device. However, if there are no installed updates, you must manually reinstall the game. Do not worry; your account will be safe.

So, that is all with fixing the Login Failed problem in Stumble guys. Hope reading this guide was helpful! Wish you luck!

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How to Fix Stumble Guys Login Failed (Not Working)


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