How to Get Better at Defending in NBA 2k23


NBA 2k23 is here with new and improved features that will certainly thrill fans of the acclaimed NBA game series. Apart from its new features, NBA 2k23 is also the first NBA 2k game to have 5 different editions that players can purchase.

And like in many sports games, attacking or playing with an offensive strategy is often the best way to score or even win a game. However, a defensive strategy is also just as important as an offensive strategy. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get better at defending in NBA 2k23.

How to Get Better at Defending in NBA 2k23

Having a solid defence is critical to your team’s victory in NBA 2k23 because you can stop the opposing team from scoring too many goals or from scoring any goal at all. Ultimately, a team can only be victorious if it has both a good offensive and defensive strategy.

Using Turnovers

One of the best ways to improve your team’s defence in NBA 2k23 is using turnovers because it is an essential part of a team’s defence. Being able to force your opponent to turn over will benefit your team, causing the opponent to miss their scoring opportunity. You can pull off turnovers by simply catching the ball halfway.

Shadowing Opponents

Another way to improve your defence is by shadowing the opponent. In every match, you can assign your defensive players to a number of dangerous opponent players and shadow them throughout the match. Shadowing your opponent is like allowing them little to no space throughout the entire game. And even if they get some space, the opponent player might get nervous and make mistakes that you can use to your advantage.

Substitute Tired Players

Always observe your team throughout a match and whenever it’s halftime, check for any player, especially defensive players that have become tired and substitute them for another player. This will help keep your team strong for the rest of the match.

There are lots of defensive styles in NBA 2k23 that we haven’t discovered yet since the game just came out a couple of days ago. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can discover on your own as well, so let us know of any tips and tricks we’re missing. Happy Gaming!

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How to Get Better at Defending in NBA 2k23


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