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How to get battle points fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

How to get battle points fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

In today’s article, I am going to tell you how to get Battle Points fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, which should help you, in turn, to unlock more heroes fast, and progress quickly. If you want to learn how to get better at the game, then make sure you follow our Mobile Legends Bang Bang guide, where you can see all of the tips and tricks we’ve got up our sleeve.

Otherwise, you should take a look at the tier list of some of the best heroes in-game. If you haven’t unlocked these heroes yet, make sure you spend your Battle Points wisely and choose the best ones!

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How to get battle points fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

#1. Win more matches and be the MVP

One of the easiest ways to get more BP in Mobile Legends is to simply play the game, and do your best. If you play an average of 10 games a day, you’ll earn more BP per game than somebody who only plays 5 games a day.

Additionally, by being the MVP, you will automatically earn a lot more BP than your other teammates. Keep in mind that there can only be one MVP per team, so you should do your best every single game.

#2. Ranked games give more Battle Points

The games that you play can be either ranked or unranked (normal mode). The stakes are higher in ranked matches, and the rewards too, are way better. By winning a Ranked game and being the MVP you will earn a lot of BP.

By ranking high you will also earn a lot of other useful rewards (among which Battle Points), so you should always try to play your best heroes and focus on objectives and winning.

#3. Invest in a Double BP card (or Victory BP card)

If you want to really boost the amount of BP you earn, then Diamonds are the way to go. If you have some Diamonds, you can buy a Double BP card in the Shop. That card is time-limited and will give you double the amount of BP you earn from the matches.

Normally, Double BP cards are 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day – choose the one most adequate for the time you want to dedicate to playing, and spend the time grinding Ranked games. But, Diamonds are not the only way to get such a card. If you share the result of your match on Facebook or WhatsApp, you will be rewarded with a Double BP card for free!

Make sure you also keep an eye on the in-game events, because almost always there is some event running. Some of the rewards from such events include Double BP Cards, so that’s another way to get them for free.

Note: You can normally earn 7500 BP per week, but if you get a Double BP Card you will increase this number by 1500, so you’ll be able to claim 9000 BP per week.

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#4. Farm BP in “training” games

I don’t really like calling AI games “training” games, but that’s what they are, essentially. You basically train your skills and try to learn a new hero or even a new strategy. Well, did you know that AI games and Brawl games are super quick, and therefore a very effective way to farm BP?

That’s right – you play versus the computer, so chances are it will not do very well. Try to do well, and farm as many AI games as you can. They’re quick and will help you get some extra practice.

#5. Don’t forget to open your Free Chests

One of the best parts about being “afk” in Mobile Legends is that you can still claim rewards, even if you’re not playing. Every 4 hours you will be able to claim Free Chests, which will reward you with several Battle Points.

Just make sure you don’t let more than 8 hours pass without claiming these chests, because there is a maximum of 2 Free Chests that can stack up. The rest will go to waste.

#6. Play matches and get Medal Chests

If you play games and get a total of 10-point rating, you will also be able to claim a Medal Chest. These give more BP than the Free Chests, but will require you to actually play the game and do well.

#7. Take part in the limited time events

Mobile Legends has quite a lot of events, especially during periods like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and more. Make sure that you try to complete as many event tasks because many of them will give you BP, as well as tons of other exclusive rewards.

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#8. Do your dailies

To help players out even more, Mobile Legends has a daily quests option, which will let you finish some easy tasks (that you can easily complete by playing a few games) and earn about 230 BP every day. (that is, additional BP than the one you get from playing the games)

#9. Complete achievements

Achievements work in a similar way to quests, except they might require slightly more grinding. You can claim quite a lot of BP from completing Achievements over time, as well as plenty of other useful rewards.

#10. Check out the loot in your inventory

When you open your inventory, you’d be surprised at just how many items you might find inside. Keep an eye out for the time-limited heroes and skins (those that have an expiration date), because you might be able to exchange them for Battle Points.

Furthermore, you might be able to check out some short advertisements and claim a few BP for simply watching a short video.

These would be all the ways that I know of to get more Battle Points in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Do you have some more tips on getting more BP for fellow players? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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How to get battle points fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang


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