How to Get Anna in Mobile Legends Adventure

How to Get Anna in Mobile Legends Adventure

In Mobile Legends Adventure you can choose and play with many characters. All of them are divided by the star points system. Generally, 1-star heroes are the worst heroes in the game, and 5 stars heroes are the best ones. And Anna is one of the 5 stars’ heroes. Let’s find out how to get this character together.

How to Obtain Anna in Mobile Legends Adventure

You need to know that the better the rarity is, the harder the hero is to get. Therefore, Anna is one of the hardest characters to get. And there are 3 types of summon from which you can get Anna. Despite it, there is no guarantee that you get Anna even if you spend hours in the game.

  1. Premium Summon. This summon provides the highest chance of getting Anna and other rare heroes. However, it costs a lot. Therefore, getting Anna from premium summon might be hard and expensive.
  2. By using a Summon Points. Sometimes, when the points bar is filled up, you can choose a random epic hero. And if you pick the dark section, there will be a chance to get Anna.
  3. Friendship Summon. It’s the cheapest way of getting Anna, but it requires a lot of time. So, if you have no money it’s your chance to get Anna.
  4. Sacred Oath. It offers the lowest chances on the list but still works. Pick Anna as the main reward and maybe you will get it.

That’s all with getting Anna in Mobile Legends Adventure. Hope you will obtain this character soon.

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How to Get Anna in Mobile Legends Adventure


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