Home Guides How To Get Angelic Crucible in Diablo 3: Complete Guide

How To Get Angelic Crucible in Diablo 3: Complete Guide

How To Get Angelic Crucible in Diablo 3: Complete Guide
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On this page, you will find answers to all of the questions that you may have about Angelic Crucible in Diablo 3 season 27. Continue reading to learn more about what the Angelic Crucible really is, as well as its purpose and the ideal location to farm it.

What is Angelic Crucible

Angelic Crucibles are consumables that are only available during Season 27 of Diablo III. These heavenly artifacts may be utilized to “Sanctify” any equipable Legendary item after Nephalem has discovered them. Angelic Crucibles and the equipment they may Sanctify are only usable during Diablo 3 Season 27 play, and they cannot be transferred to characters that are not seasonal after S27 concludes.

How to Use Angelic Crucible in Diablo 3

As mentioned above, Angelic Crucible is used to Sanctify any equipable Legendary item. What exactly does it mean to sanctify an item, you may wonder? Well, In Diablo III, items that have been reforged to have flawless Ancient-level stats on all affixes while simultaneously retaining the item’s Legendary Power are known as Sanctified Items. They are only available in Season 27.

A few things that you need to know.

  • The number of Sanctified things that a player may acquire is unlimited, but only one can be worn at once.
  • Using another Angelic Crucible, already-sanctified goods may be re-sanctified.
  • When an object is sanctified, its stats are not retained.
  • Crafted objects cannot be Sanctified; only equipable things up to level 70 may.
  • Sanctified things cannot be worn by followers.

Where to Farm Angelic Crucible

Once you reach level 70, Angelic Crucibles are able to drop everywhere in Sanctuary. Players may beat any Diablo 3 boss or monster at level 70 to earn extra Angelic Crucibles. These do not start dropping until level 70.

If you want to attempt to farm Angelic Crucibles, the best thing you can do is locate a Greater Rift level that you can run at your maximum level but, still finish in a maximum of three minutes. This is the optimal situation for farming Angelic Crucibles. 

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How To Get Angelic Crucible in Diablo 3: Complete Guide


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