How to Get and Use Death’s Breath in Diablo 3


Everything that you need to know about Dragon’s Breath in Diablo 3 is right here. How to use it, where to get it from, drop probabilities and more. Continue reading!

How to Use Death’s Breath

The majority of crafting recipes, mystic enchanting, higher level gem upgrading, and artisan training expenses all need on the use of Death’s Breath as a crafting material. Particularly after patch 2.3, when Kanai’s Cube was introduced to the game and included a number of potent recipes, the majority of which required several DBs, Death’s Breath became very sought-after. Dragon’s Breath is account-bound, which means you cannot trade for it.

How to Get Death’s Breath

After you reach level 61, you can defeat elite enemies like bosses and treasure goblins to get Death’s Breath. Horadric chests have a chance to drop it every so often as well.

Drop Probabilities

These are the probabilities that a Dragon’s Breath will drop after level 61 from any legitimate source, including unlocking a golden chest, slaying an Elite monster (yellow or blue), or slaying a Treasure Goblin. There are several methods to farm Death’s Breath, since every Challenge Rift Cache also includes 10 of them

  • Normal – 15%
  • Hard – 18%
  • Expert – 21%
  • Master – 25%
  • Torment 1 – 31%
  • Torment 2 – 37%
  • Torment 3 – 44%
  • Torment 4 – 53%
  • Torment 5 – 64%
  • Torment 6 – 77%
  • Torment 7 – 90%
  • Torment 8 – 100%, 5% chance of a 2nd Dragon’s Breath.
  • Torment 9 – 100%, 15% chance of a 2nd Dragon’s Breath.
  • Torment 10 – 100%, 25% chance of a 2nd Dragon’s Breath.
  • Torment 11 – 100%, 35% chance of a 2nd Dragon’s Breath.
  • Torment 12 – 100%, 45% chance of a 2nd Dragon’s Breath.
  • Torment 13 – 100%, 55% chance of a 2nd Dragon’s Breath.

With the release of patch 2.4.0, Blizzard also improved the visibility of Death’s Breath on the ground. It now has a distinctive teal hue and emits a mist or smoke when it is dropped, making it simpler for you to remember to collect this important resource.

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How to Get and Use Death’s Breath in Diablo 3


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